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iPhone users can save enough on this #NYT subscription to buy a new pair of Beats (Mashable)

Image: Mark Lennihan/Associated Press

The New York Times is experimenting with its digital subscription pricing — at least if you have an iPhone.

Full Digital access to the Times — which comes in a variety of tiers — costs $8.75 a week ($35 a month) if you subscribe through… [Read more on Mashable]

Loeb Classical Library Goes Digital (The New York Times)

Harvard University Press/Michael Rossi

The Loeb Classical Library, the series of trim red (Latin) and green (Greek) volumes beloved of generations of students and design geeks, has slipped its distinctive color-coded covers and headed into the ether.

The Digital Loeb Classical Library, available today on a fee basis, makes… [Read more on The New York Times]

Europeans Bracing for #Netflix (The New York Times)

PARIS — With Netflix poised to make its debut in six European countries next week, the expansion of that online streaming giant’s international territory is stirring a mix of anticipation, anxiety and “House of Cards”-style political intrigue.

French headlines warn of a “Tsunami Netflix” that could challenge the…[Read more on The New York Times]

New Roku and TiVo Devices Make Cutting the Cable Cord Plausible (New York Times)

Molly Wood reviews new devices from Roku and TiVo that offer Internet-enabled alternatives to costly cable TV plans.

CUTTING the cable television cord has always sounded nicer than it really is.

Get out from under that ugly cable bill by watching movies and television shows streamed over the Internet straight to your TV? Gladly. Deal with a… [Read more on The New York Times]

Nickelodeon’s Digital Generation (The New York Times)

digital entertainment post marketing nickelodeon

Meet Olly Timbers. Olly, an orange-haired 10-year-old boy, says he likes “rum raisin ice cream, going on adventures, getting scratched just behind his elbow and also other kinds of ice cream.”

He’s the star of… [Read more on The New York Times]

Despite Aereo Decision, TV Is Ripe for Digital Shake-Up (DealB%k)

Hulu may benefit from consumer demand for non-traditional content services.
Hulu may benefit from consumer demand for non-traditional content services.

Aereo is dead. Long live television disruption.

The Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that Aereo, the streaming start-up backed by the entertainment mogul Barry Diller, violates copyright law. Legal loopholes abound, however, and investors and… [Read more on DealB%k]

#Netflix Orders New Children’s Show Based on ‘Magic School Bus’ (The New York Times)

Continuing the expansion of its original content for children, Netflix has ordered a new series based on Scholastic Media’s “Magic School Bus,” the long-running television series that encouraged young people to… [Read more on The New York Times]

For Online Video Publishers, a New Tack on Luring Ad Dollars (The New York Times)

AS a well-received annual presentation of new digital offerings to Madison Avenue ends, publishers are seeking to keep the momentum going by making it easier for marketers and agencies to spend advertising dollars on online video — whether or not that money is being shifted from television ad budgets.

At one time, it seemed that publishers of online video would primarily compete against television by denigrating the rival medium in hopes of siphoning ad spending into their coffers.

Now, while… [Read more on The New York Times]

#Netflix vs. Amazon, and the New Economics of Television (The New York Times)

digital entertainment marketing comcast netflix

It’s been a busy week for the companies in the business of trying to revolutionize how we watch television.

Netflix struck a deal to make its video streaming service available through set-top boxes offered by three cable companies; said it would raise its prices for new customers; and publicly objected to a planned merger of Comcast and Time Warner Cable. HBO struck a deal to offer its shows on a formidable Netflix competitor, Amazon Prime. Oh, and while we’re at it,… [Read more on The New York Times]

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