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#Blackpills: La plateforme de séries pour mobiles débarque en France en avril (20 Minutes)

Des séries formatées pour les smartphones et destinées aux jeunes, c’est le pari de Blackpills qui devrait arriver en fin de semaine via les magasins iOS et Android.

Cette application est présentée dans un communiqué repris par Le Monde comme « un média [numérique] qui crée, produit et diffuse des formats courts, radicaux et engagés destinés aux jeunes adultes pour une consommation “mobile first” »… [Lire la suite sur 20 Minutes]

Playlist A Day Sends You A Different #Spotify Playlist Each Day (TechCrunch)

I like single-use apps, with their inherently low cognitive load. I’m also a huge fan of having other people do work for me. A new app from, the Spotify community and playlist sharing site acquired by Watner Music Group, hits both notes.

Dubbed ‘Playlist a Day’, the iOS and Android app does one thing and one thing only: It… [Read more on TechCrunch]

As The #Media Industry Evolves, The Business Model Becomes The Message (Forbes)

New companies like VHX are rising up to meet the demand by creators to establish new revenue streams to finance their work. (image credit: VHX)
New companies like VHX are rising up to meet the demand by creators to establish new revenue streams to finance their work. (image credit: VHX)

The media business used to be fairly simple. It operated on linear model, consisting of content, distribution and audience, with a small priesthood of publishers, producers and programing executives making editorial… [Read more on Forbes]

#HBO’s new animated comedy Animals will air a full day early on its streaming apps (Digital Trends)

The days when a cable subscription was your only option for getting your Game of Thrones fix are gone. HBO is embracing streaming these days, and with its upcoming series Animals, it’s actually encouraging users to… [Read more on Digital Trends]

#YouTube Takes on Spotify With a Music Streaming App of Its Own (Time)

Oli Kellett—Getty Images

A new way to stream your favorite songs for free.

Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes and Pandora have another competitor to welcome to the music streaming space as YouTube launches its own music app, the aptly titled YouTube Music.

Like its competitors,… [Read more on Time]

#Netflix adds in-app subscriptions for iPhone and iPad (The Verge)


Now you won’t even need to get off the sofa to find your laptop before you start binge-watching Netflix. The company has added in-app purchases to its iOS apps that allow you to subscribe directly from the Netflix app on your iPhone or iPad, taking after other streaming services such as HBO Now, Spotify, and Hulu, all of which already supported in-app subscription. Netflix announced the… [Read more on The Verge]

#Comcast unveils PC and mobile TV app called Stream (Mashable)


The battle to woo cord cutters with à al carte cable TV channels via apps has taken a new turn, with cable giant Comcast now joining the fray.

Comcast’s new service is called Stream, and it will include programing from… [Read more on Mashable]

Why the cable industry should fear #Verizon’s streaming video app (The Washington Post)

(Photo from Flickr user scobleizer)

It’s the holy grail for TV viewers who are fed up with sky-high cable bills: A do-it-yourself bundle made up of channels you chose. The problem? By the time you add up separate subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu, SlingTV and all… [Read more on The Washington Post]

#PopcornTime, une application semblable à Netflix, arrive sur iOS (Le Blog des Nouvelles Technologies)


Popcorn Time, le très controversé service de torrent en streaming digne d’un Netflix, vient de sortir avec une application pour les dispositifs non jailbreakés sur iOS. Dans la pure tradition de… [Lire la suite sur Le Blog des Nouvelles Technologies]

#German video-on-demand launches in South Africa (BIZCommunity)


ProSiebenSat.1 Welt has announced the launch of a video-on-demand mobile app and website that allows German expats based in South Africa and 15 other countries to view… [Read more on BIZCommunity]

Learn how #Netflix designs its mobile apps at Roadmap (Gigaom)

#Simpsons World Launches October 21st: Every Single Episode in One Intuitive App (IGN)

Simpsons World main menu on iPad
Simpsons World main menu on iPad

It’s been almost a year since FX acquired the syndication rights to all of The Simpsons, marking the biggest off-network deal in television history. Back in August, the network celebrated the animated show’s cable debut with a 12-day marathon on FXX, airing all 552 episodes in a row. Since then, FXX has… [Read more on IGN]

#Aflix set to revolutionise Africa’s Video-On-Demand space (HumanIpo)

Image courtesy of ShutterStock

Video streaming app Aflix is set to revolutionise the African Video-On-Demand space. Initially launched in Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana, Aflix’s coverage has been extended to Angola, Botswana, Cameroon…

[Read more on HumanIpo]

Video Discovery App #Showyou Launches A Platform For Subscription VOD Channels (TechCrunch)

Spotify Hack Plays Only the Most Dramatic Part of Your Favorite Song (Gizmodo)

digital entertainment post spotify where's the drama

There’s probably a perfect moment in your favorite song where everything just clicks. Wouldn’t it be great to skip right to the zenith of every tune? Music Machinery’s Paul Lamere think so—he’s just devised a Spotify plugin that takes you right to the most dramatic moment of any song.

The aptly-named Where Is The Drama does exactly what the label says: Type in an artist and… [Read more on Gizmodo]


#Spotify opens up free streaming on Windows Phone (C|Net)

digital entertainment post snab spotify windows phone

Windows Phone users can now stream Spotify for free, no subscription required.

Spotify has finally opened up free streaming for Windows Phone users.

Android and iOS owners have had the luxury for some time, with the streaming service allowing users on a… [Read more on C|Net]

BeTV Go: la télé de #BeTV sur tablette (Le Soir)

BeTV lance le premier septembre BeTV Go. Une tentative de réponse à Netflix.

« Il s’agit d’une véritable révolution », a lancé Christian Loiseau directeur de BeTv ce lundi midi lors de la conférence de presse de rentrée de la chaîne. Pour marquer ses dix ans, BE TV offre un beau… [Lire la suite sur Le Soir]

#Sony eyes album sales with ‘Album of the Day’ app for iPhone (Los Angeles Times)

digital entertainment post sony album of the day
Sony is hoping to boost album sales with its “Album of the Day” iPhone app. The app, released Thursday, lets users download an album from Sony Music Entertainment’s catalog at a discount of up to 70%. (iTunes)

Though many consumers are turning to streaming services like Spotify for their music fix, Sony is hoping to spur digital album sales with a new app for the iPhone.

With the “Album of the Day” app, users can… [Read more on Los Angeles Times]

Mmm… Apps: FXNow Hopes to Rival HBO Go With ‘Simpsons World’ (The Hollywood Reporter)

FOX - The Simpsons
FOX – The Simpsons

FXX will begin airing reruns of the animated series with a 200-hour marathon in August before the show makes its app debut in October

A few years ago, TV network apps such as HBO Go were the next big thing. But rights complications keep many libraries thin and plenty of streaming forays have underwhelmed. Now, on the eve… [Read more on The Hollywood Reporter]

Video-on-demand players target #Africa with Hollywood content (ITWebAfrica) is available for download from the Google Play store.

The mobile streaming app has been launched in Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana and it has a library of top Hollywood content.

Movies and even… [Read more on ITWebAfrica]

#Touchcast mise sur du contenu vidéo augmenté par le web (L’Atelier)

digital entertainment post marketing touchcast

A l’heure où la télévision connectée a le vent en poupe apparaît une application IPad qui transforme tout un chacun en producteur potentiel de vidéos multimédia et interactives.

Lors du dernier discours du président Obama sur l’Etat de l’Union à la télévision, le site de la Maison Blanche avait… [Lire la suite sur L’Atelier]

Sky Now TV Box Gets A YouTube App (Geeky Gadgets)

digital entertainment post marketing Sky Now TV

Sky have announced that their Sky Now TV set top box now has a YouTube app, the app joins other apps like the BBC iPlayer, 4OD, Spotify and more that have…  [Read more on Geeky Gadgets]

Video-on-demand search engine has sights set on underserved market (SmartCompany)


With the proliferation of online video streaming services (everywhere, but here in Australia that is) Australian startup Gyde is offering users a new way to find video on the internet.

Gyde’s smartphone app is much like… [Read more on SmartCompany]

Apple to Buy Radio App Swell for $30 Million (Re/Code)

digital entertainment post marketing swell

Apple is close to buying the Pandora-for-talk-radio app Swell, according to multiple sources.

The deal is worth about… [Read more on Re/Code]

Mobile video apps gain among U.S. adults: 49% now use them (FierceOnlineVideo)


Mobile video apps continue to come to the forefront, with a new report by The Diffusion Group (TDG) finding that 49 percent of U.S. adults who have… [Read more on FierceOnlineVideo]

Spotify Aims to Curb Music Piracy With Entrance Into Brazil Market (Latin Post)

NEW YORK, NY – DECEMBER 11: A Spotify employee walks out of a news conference where Spotify CEO Daniel Ek announced that the online streaming music service will expand to 20 new markets around the world and that it has worked out a deal with Led Zeppelin, which had so far refused to license its catalog for streaming on the service on December 11, 2013 in New York City. The new markets will include a number of countries in Europe and South and Central America and the music service will now allow free streaming to mobile devices. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Piracy in the music industry became a problem with the growth in popularity of the Internet, but one company has been successful in… [Read more on Latin Post]

Virgin Media Sparks TV Anywhere For Kindle Fire (MultiChannel)

Virgin Media, the largest cable operator in the U.K., has extended its authenticated multiscreen app to … [Read more MultiChannel]

Why the Cost of Spotify and Other Music Streaming Services Must Increase (The Motley Fool)

The music business has taken a beating the past few years as the industry struggles to find a model that works.

Since pirating songs became something anyone with a computer could easily do, album sales… [Read more on The Motley Fool]

On a testé #Atraci, l’appli musicale qui fait peur à Spotify et Deezer (Onlike)

digital entertainment post marketing atraci

60 millions de titres. Gratuitement. Sans publicité. Et légalement.

Voici la promesse d’Atraci, une nouvelle application musicale qui débarque sans crier gare sous… [Lire la suite sur Onlike]

Kim Dotcom lancera une bêta privée de #Baboom pour ce trimestre (Softsonic)

digital entertainment post marketing baboom

Baboom, l’alternative à Spotify de Kim Dotcom, sera lancé au cours du troisième trimestre de 2014 en bêta privée. Baboom combine la vente…

[Lire la suite sur Softsonic]

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