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#Instagram annonce l’arrivée des profils business (Siècle Digital)

Depuis le début de l’année, la plateforme d’Instagram a vu arriver beaucoup d’évolutions destinées à l’ensemble de ses utilisateurs. Dans un premier temps, le multi-compte a fait son apparition sur iOS, permettant de… [Lire la suite sur Siècle Digital]

It’s about time: #Instagram finally makes multiple account support official (Mashable)


Instagram is finally supporting one of its most requested features.

The photo-sharing app announced Monday that Instagram users will begin to see support for multiple accounts… [Read more on Mashable]

Que devient #Pheed, le réseau social qui devait détrôner tous les autres ? (ZDNet)


Lancé en octobre 2012, Pheed proposait une approche assez innovante consistant à agréger les gros réseaux sociaux comme Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud ou Tumblr en proposant un système de monétisation intéressant. Ce sont ces deux aspects qui lui ont permis d’atteindre en quelques semaines 1 million d’utilisateurs et d’attirer l’attention des observateurs du secteur.

Lancé en octobre 2012, Pheed proposait une approche assez innovante consistant à… [Lire la suite sur ZDNet]

Jameson invente la publicité en 3D sur #Instagram et Facebook (Il était une Pub)

Le 17 mars dernier, lors de la St Patrick, la marque de whisky Jameson a réalisé la première publicité en 3D sur Instagram et Facebook.

Une idée originale qui n’est bien évidemment pas nouvelle et dont la technique est connue de pas mal d’internautes mais… [Lire la suite sur Il était une Pub]

Why #Instagram Captions Are the New Blogging (New York Magazine)

Photo: @catebutler; @keishua_; @therock; @studioescargot
Photo: @catebutler; @keishua_; @therock; @studioescargot

The last thing you expect from the Rock is long-windedness. But Dwayne Johnson is a veritable novelist on Instagram, where he documents his days, which are composed chiefly of… [Read more in New York Magazine]

Quand le #streetart s’anime (Siècle Digital)

Ce n’est pas nouveau que le street art et les technologies modernes vivent une belle histoire d’amour, souhaitant montrer au monde cette volonté d’aller au delà des murs. Les outils digitaux ont également accéléré ce mouvement, avec notamment Instagram, Google Street Art, Pix My Street… et la réalité augmentée bien sûr.  C’est le 29 octobre dernier à Paris qu’une nouvelle… [Lire la suite sur Siècle Digital]

#Instagram launches Boomerang, an app for 1-second videos (Mashable)


Instagram has blessed the world with its version of short, looping videos. And it’s serious about short.

Instagram announced a new app, Boomerang, which lets users create looping videos that are just one second long… [Read more on Mashable]

Netflix will pay you to take #Instagram photos of famous movie locations (Engadget)

Ever felt that your Instagram photography is so good that you should start charging for it? Now’s your chance to prove your worth. Netflix is looking for… [Read more on Engadget]

NYC Filmmakers Create First #Instagram “TV” Series (Digital Journal)


A team of NYU film school graduates have created the first “TV” series for Instagram–written and formatted specifically for smartphone viewing. The comedy-adventure series, titled Artistically Challenged, spans… [Read more on Digital Journal]

Mid-Michigan graduate developes “Selocial” app, branded as “Instagram meets Spotify” (The Morning Sun)

digital entertainment marketing - selocial

As an independent musician, David Baird knows how hard it is for underground artists to get their names and music out there.

That’s why the 1995 graduate of Vestaburg High School spent the last year and a half developing the web-based application “Selocial,” aimed at promoting music and giving it a visual feel.

“It’s what we call…[Read more on The Morning Sun]

Why Hollywood Needs to Learn to Love #Tumblr (Wired)

Internet giants like Facebook and Twitter want a slice of all that money spent on television ads. As more and more people watch their televisions while also browsing social networks and other internet services on smartphones and tablet computers, Facebook and Twitter are battling it out for at least a portion of the big-time TV-ad budgets wielded by the world’s biggest brands. If these brands are buying ads on your TV screen, the thinking goes, shouldn’t they be buying ads on your tablet too?

But it’s not just the internet giants who see an opportunity here. Today, on stage at WIRED’s BizCon conference in New York City, David Karp, founder of the microblogging site Tumblr, explained that his site offers a “second screen” experience for advertisers that’s superior to what they get from the likes of Facebook and Twitter. And he had the numbers to prove it.

According to Karp, while… [Read more on Wired]

#Moju Is Instagram For Moments In Motion (TechCrunch)

As our phones become more camera than phone, it only makes sense that innovators would try to take on the very 20th-century concept of the “photograph.”

We’ve thus far seen a slew of apps using tech unique to our mobile devices, utilizing video and sound recording, sensors, GPS and the phone’s accelerometer to transform how users create and share images.

Apps like Seene, Mindie, Frontback, Vine and even Instagram itself now compete to be your mobile go-to for what my… [Read more on TechCrunch]

E! Harvests #Instagram for Celeb-Photo Tracker on TV, Online (Variety)

NBCUniversal pop-culture network E! is grabbing photos and videos celebrities post to Facebook’s Instagram, with a feature for its website and on-air news show ranking the top 200 stars in real time.

The cabler’s Instagram Photo Wall launched first on E! Online and will debut May 9 on E! News, with hosts using an 82-inch touchscreen monitor to scroll through the most-popular and trending celeb pics.

“As we continue to build on E!’s digital and social offerings, there is no better platform to work with than Instagram to expand on our pop-culture-driven content in a highly innovative way,” John Najarian, E!’s EVP and g.m. of digital, said in a statement.

No money is changing hands: E! and Facebook do not have a… [Read more on Variety]

#Spotify launches biggest UK marketing push (MarketingWeek)

Spotify is launching a “seven figure” brand campaign – its biggest yet in the UK – as it looks to change tack from previous product feature-led messaging and communicate how the streaming service plays a role in people’s lives.

The campaign launches today (28 April) and will run across cinema, VOD, digital and out of home. It centres around three videos (see above and below) which showcase three different people’s stories through the medium of Spotify, Facebook, text messages, Skype and Instagram.

Spotify’s European marketing director Nikki Lambert told Marketing Week the campaign follows a… [Read more on MarketingWeek]

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