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3 Reasons Why Netflix is Killing #HBO Now (The Motley Fool)

Time Warner could have done better with its launch of HBO Now, and now Netflix is just widening the gap.

HBO parent Time Warner (NYSE:TWX) posted well-received quarterly results after Wednesday’s market close, but one nugget that left some observers concerned was that HBO Now — the premium video… [Read more on The Motley Fool]

#HBO re-launches linear channels/rebrands in CEE (Broadband TV News)

HBO will re-launch its linear channels and rebrand HBO Comedy in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) on March 21.

The new channel line-up will be… [Read more on BroadbandTVNews]

#Netflix Couldn’t Look More Like A Global HBO (Techcrunch)


It’s been years in the making, but Netflix has finally pivoted to a premium channel for the web. It started as a DVD subscription service and evolved into a Spotify for movies. But now that Netflix is available everywhere around the world, it is just like HBO without a cable channel.

If you’ve been… [Read more on TechCrunch]

#SVOD en Scandinavie : le match entre HBO et Netflix (ZDNet)


La bataille Netflix/HBO ne se déroule pas qu’aux Etats-Unis. Elle vient de gagner subitement toute la planète depuis l’extension du service de SVOD américain dans 130 nouveaux pays.

Alors que Netflix comptait 26 millions d’abonnés à l’international fin septembre 2015, HBO en comptabilise 92 millions dans le monde dans 60 pays, en dehors des Etats-Unis. Sans compter… [Lire la suite sur ZDNet]

#HBO’s new animated comedy Animals will air a full day early on its streaming apps (Digital Trends)

The days when a cable subscription was your only option for getting your Game of Thrones fix are gone. HBO is embracing streaming these days, and with its upcoming series Animals, it’s actually encouraging users to… [Read more on Digital Trends]

T-Mobile will let you stream #Netflix and HBO without using up your data (The Verge)


T-Mobile will now let customers stream video from services like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Go without having it count toward their mobile data plans, the company announced today at its 10th Uncarrier event in Los Angeles. The plan, called Binge On, builds on the company’s Music Freedom initiative, which broke out music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music from customers’ data plans starting last year.

Though Binge On includes… [Read more on The Verge]

#Netflix is becoming more like HBO (Business Insider)

In early 2013, Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos told GQ that Netflix needed “to become HBO faster than HBO can become us.” Since then, the similarities between Netflix and Time Warner’s signature premium network have become ever more apparent.

Like Netflix, HBO has a… [Read more on Business Insider]

#HBO has just become a much bigger threat to Netflix (Business Insider)

Time Warner’s premium cable network has signed an unusual deal, one that will bring the long-running, iconic children’s show to its cable channel and streaming services — and puts it into more… [Read more on Business Insider]

Password Sharing: Are #Netflix, HBO Missing $500 Million by Not Cracking Down? (Variety)

#Comcast’s Internet TV Service Won’t Have Any Cable Nets But HBO (AdvertisingAge)

Comcast Chairman-CEO Brian Roberts speaks during a news conference at the National Cable and Telecommunications Association Cable Show in Washington, D.C., in June 2013. Credit: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

Service to Cost $15 a Month But Won’t Carry ESPN, NBCUniversal Cable Nets

If content is king, then Comcast’s upcoming internet-delivered TV service will have a somewhat-less royal amount of programming.

When it arrives at the end of this summer, Comcast’s internet TV service Stream will let subscribers stream live, on-demand and recorded shows from… [Read more on AdAge]

Community-powered Internet TV Portal Offers 200,000 Channels of #Streaming Content (BGR)

#Facebook obtient l’exclusivité de séries TV HBO (Numerama)


Facebook se voit-il en plateforme de vidéo à la demande ? En tout cas, le réseau social explore la diffusion de contenus audiovisuels en streaming. Le site communautaire a signé un accord avec HBO pour retransmettre des épisodes de deux séries produites par la chaîne de TV américaine.

Facebook continue de s’intéresser à la vidéo à la demande. Après avoir essayé il y a quatre ans la… [Lire la suite sur Numerama]

Despite Weak Box Office For “Entourage,” #HBO Should Make More Movies (Forbes)

Vince and the boys are back
Vince and the boys are back

HBO’s Entourage movie didn’t do great at the box office this weekend. The TV spin-off film, which cost a reported $30 million to produce, ranked fourth with a $10.4 million take. That made it the lowest-grossing of three movies that opened this weekend and put it behind disaster flick San Andreas, which is in its second weekend in theaters.

It remains to be seen if the Hollywood-insider film about actor Vincent Chase (played by Adrien Grenier) and his emotionally stunted buddies can turn a profit. Movies usually have to earn at least… [Read more on Forbes]

#HBO NOW Is Coming To Google Play, Will Support Chromecast (TechCrunch)

#HBO Now survey points to possible subscription discounts (Engadget)


Paying $15 a month for HBO Now is a pretty good deal, especially if you’re a cord cutter who yearns for your weekly fix of Game of Thrones. But what if even that price is a little too rich for your blood? Well, HBO could be considering… [Read more on Engadget]

#Netflix is the new HBO, YouTube is the new MTV, and everything new is old (Digital Trends)

Now we know something about Netflix viewership trends. Photo: Netflix
 Photo: Netflix

The tech world is full of “disruptors,” especially when it comes to tech companies looking to disrupt old-school Hollywood.

YouTube gave the entire world a distribution platform. Netflix and Amazon are making TV schedules obsolete. Apple and Google want to completely redefine how all media are delivered into people’s homes. The disruptors are so disruptive we now have even… [Read more on Digital Trends]

You can thank #millennials for HBO Now (C|Net)

The youngest watchers prefer streaming video to regular TV, and their behaviors is more likely to spread to older folks rather than the other way around, a study says.

All of you who pined for HBO to launch an online subscription service, like its HBO Now, can thank millennials for making that happen.

The younger viewers are, the more likely they will… [Read more on C|Net]

#Apple’s Exclusive HBO Deal Isn’t So Exclusive (The Motley Fool)

Cord-cutters looking to subscribe to HBO won’t need an Apple product after all.

Dish Network’s new Internet-based TV service, SlingTV, has added Time Warner’s premium network to its line-up. Now, SlingTV subscribers can get access to HBO’s programming without a traditional cable subscription.

Although it’s a bit different than Apple’s exclusive service, HBO Now, it certainly lessens the… [Read more on The Motley Fool]

#Netflix Says HBO Isn’t a Threat (Yeah, Right) (Wired)

Netflix released its earnings for the first quarter of 2015 today, and the numbers look good. The streaming giant added a record 4.9 million subscribers globally, bringing more viewers than expected to the service thanks in part to its… [Read more on Wired]

#NETFLIX CEO ON THE TV INDUSTRY: It had a great 50-year run, but it’s over now (Business Insider)

Frank Underwood, the main character in “House of Cards.”

For the longest time, Netflix has been viewed as a threat to HBO.

After all, the companies are in a similar business: They create original TV programming. They also run syndicated programming.

Netflix executives have played up the comparison. In January 2013, its chief content officer, Ted Sarandos, said… [Read more on Business Insider]

#HBO Now is go – but is it better than Netflix and Hulu? (The Guardian)

Kit Harington, from left, Liam Cunningham and Stephen Dillane in Game Of Thrones. The new season can be viewed on HBO Now this Sunday. Photograph: Helen Sloan/AP

Between HBO, Netflix, Amazon and Hulu there are plenty of choices for those who want their TV fix without getting a cable package

Finally the day we’ve been dreaming about is here: it is now possible for American fans of Game of Thrones to watch gory beheadings and blood-soaked weddings without having to... [Read more on The Guardian]

#HBO is tweeting at people who three years ago said they’d pay for a subscription (Business Insider)

Game of Thrones (HBO)
Game of Thrones (HBO)

HBO is coming out with HBO Now, a $15/month subscription service, and it wants everyone to know.

Especially the people who three years ago said… [Read more on Business Insider]

#HBO To Netflix: Bring It On (Fast Company)

How HBO’s quest to win the streaming wars became a binge-worthy drama as juicy as Game of Thrones.

On a frigid winter Friday in Manhattan’s MediaGulch, HBO CEO Richard Plepler glides through the doors of a power-lunch spot called the Lambs Club. Plepler, the kind of natty dresser who believes that real men… [Read more on Fast Company]

With an Eye on Its New Streaming Service, #HBO Will Show a Daily Vice Newscast (The New York Times)

Shane Smith, the chief executive of Vice. Credit Jemal Countess/Getty Images

HBO, the premium entertainment network, is strengthening its relationship with Vice, the maverick media company and news organization.

It announced on Thursday that it would broadcast a daily half-hour Vice newscast. The program is to run… [Read more on The New York Times]

#Facebook Lands ‘Game of Thrones’ US Premiere Livestream in Latest Video Play (The Wrap)

HBO – Game of Thrones

Social networking behemoth builds on entertainment partnership with HBO, collaborates with ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” at SXSW in video push

It’s not TV; it’s Facebook.

The social media giant has… [Read more on The Wrap]

Vidéo à la demande : HBO et Apple contre-attaquent face à Netflix (ITespresso)

En avril prochain, la chaîne TV américaine HBO lancera son propre service de streaming vidéo par abonnement en illimité, accessible sur les terminaux Apple.

Lors de sa keynote du 9 mars, Apple s’est affiché comme… [Lire la suite sur ITespresso]

Apple and #HBO ‘in talks over streaming partnership’ (the gardian)

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones

Apple TV streaming service is set to be partner in the launch of HBO Now next month bringing premium shows to viewers without a cable subscription… [Read more on The Guardian]

#HBO has a fight on its hands, if it wants to catch Netflix (Quartz)

HBO, CBS, and #Showtime Are Helping You Cut the Cord: Here’s Why They Hope You Don’t (Nasdaq)

Source: Hulu Plus
Source: Hulu Plus

Following in the footsteps of Hulu Plus, Time Warner ‘s HBO, CBS ‘  All Access, and Showtime are now offering, or planning to offer, over-the-top streaming subscription services. It appears the biggest trend in pay TV is a gradual movement toward unbundling. The ability for viewers to subscribe only to channels they wish to purchase, instead of… [Read more on Nasdaq]

#Showtime Has a Lot to Gain by Going à la Carte (Nasdaq)

Showtime may soon be available without a cable subscription. Source:
Showtime may soon be available without a cable subscription. Source:

Following in the footsteps of Time Warner and HBO, CBS plans to offer Showtime without a cable subscription. Speaking on the company’s third-quarter earnings call last week, CBS CEO Les Moonves told analysts, “We could say fairly definitely, sometime in ’15, there will be some [over-the-top] service from Showtime.”

While that is far from an official announcement, offering Showtime à la carte ought to… [Read more on Nasdaq]

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