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#Cablevision lines up the beginning of a premium TV package for cord cutters (The Verge)


Adds CBS and Showtime, which it’ll sell… eventually

TV networks like HBO and Showtime have been starting to offer online subscriptions, and they’ve been turning to internet providers to help sell them. The latest partnership is between Cablevision and CBS, giving Cablevision the ability to offer Showtime and CBS All Access to subscribers of its Optimum internet service. This is CBS’s first… [Read more on The Verge]

Cord-Cutting Weighs on #PayTV (The Wall Street Journal)

Stocks of media firms with cable channels are hammered on subscriber losses

Cable TV’s signal is getting shaky on Wall Street.

The latest round of earnings from major media companies is stoking fears that as more… [Read more on The Wall Street Journal]

This is how the real #Apple TV will let you ditch your cable provider (BGR)

New Roku and TiVo Devices Make Cutting the Cable Cord Plausible (New York Times)

Molly Wood reviews new devices from Roku and TiVo that offer Internet-enabled alternatives to costly cable TV plans.

CUTTING the cable television cord has always sounded nicer than it really is.

Get out from under that ugly cable bill by watching movies and television shows streamed over the Internet straight to your TV? Gladly. Deal with a… [Read more on The New York Times]

Pay TV penetration continues to decline as new households don’t get cable (Gigaom)

For millions of cord cutters, cable TV fades to black (USA Today)

(Photo: Andrew Burton, Getty Images)

CINCINNATI — For Seth Holt, ditching cable was a matter of principle.

“I feel like cable is the one company that punishes loyalty,” said Holt, 33, of Pleasant Ridge. “With every cable company, my bill continues to go up the longer I am a customer. Anywhere else, be it Kroger or at… [Read more on USA Today]

2 Factors Leading to the Demise of Cable TV (The Motley Fool)

People have been predicting cable TV’s demise for decades now. However, despite all of the gloomy projections, many companies in the cable TV industry still experience substantial revenue growth year after year. This has caused many to believe the upcoming cord-cutting… [Read more on The Motley Fool]

Time To Expand HBO Go To The Cable-Less? (MediaPost)

digital entertainment post marketing hbo go

People are perpetually seeking the sure sign that cord-cutting is so rampant it threatens the entire cable ecosystem — and that movement create a huge advantage for online video. I don’t see… [Read more on MediaPost]

Getting Rid of Cable TV: The Smartest Ways to Cut the Cord (The Wall Street Journal)

digital entertainment marketing post television
Looking to save on your cable TV bill? WSJ Personal Technology Columnist Geoffrey A. Fowler tests digital antennas, Slingbox and buying a la carte, and finds the secret to buying just Internet and HBO. • Image: Kagan McLeod

A Digital Antenna, Slingbox and Other Alternatives for Viewers Looking to Save

This makes me angry, and a little ashamed, to admit: My family’s Comcast bill for this month was $212.65. For the shows we actually enjoy on… [Read more on The Wall Street Journal]

Cord-cutting: beginning of the end for linear television (The Guardian)

With original hit shows like Orange is the New Black, Netflix has further blurred the line between traditional broadcasters and streaming providers. Photograph: Ivan Kyncl

Cord-cutters are on the rise as internet-only becomes a feasible alternative. But what are the implications for network identity?

When The Onion published Area Man Constantly Mentioning He Doesn’t Own A Television in 2000 it could not have predicted that less than two decades later the once outlandish idea of cancelling one’s cable/satellite… [Read more on The Guardian]

Cord-Cutting and Cloud: Why Does Redbox Defy the Trends? (Wall St. CheatSheet)

While technology trends toward cord-cutting, cloud-based technology, digital copies, and everything — files, software, and even hardware elements — existing beyond consumers’ physical reach, Redbox seems to be… [Read more on Wall St. CheatSheet]

Cutting the Cord: Programs for #kids come to the fore (USA Today)


Original programs and exclusive deals fill out kids’ offerings on online video services.

It’s not just adult eyeballs that Netflix and other Net TV competitors are fighting over.

Sure, the streaming video leader has gotten plenty… [Read more on USA Today]

If you haven’t cut the cord on cable TV, you should (MarketWatch)

digital entertainment marketing connected tv

Insight: Stand up to cable companies in the most powerful way you can

If you like being offered free stuff by huge companies, try calling your cable provider and informing them that you’ll be …

[Read more on MarketWatch]

Online video users keen on cutting the cord and skipping ads (Rapid TV News)

digital entertainment marketing amazon

In what my be an alarming find for the pay-TV industry, an Adroit Digital survey has revealed that nearly two-thirds of multiscreen users would cut the cable cord and an inherent tendency to skip ads.

The study from the digital… [Read more on Rapid TV News]

Cable companies just had their best quarter since 2011 (BGR)

Cable companies are losing cable subscribers who have decided to cut the cord, but it now appears they are losing these customers at a much slower rate. According to IHS, cable companies lost 132,000 subscribers in the first quarter of 2014, which marks the… [Read more on BGR]

Cable Industry Frets Over Future of Your Television Bundle (Time)

Change is coming to the way you watch television, and there will be winners and losers. At the annual cable industry conference, insiders are squirming in their seats.

More People Are Cutting The Cord, Especially Netflix Subscribers (Tapscape)

Cord cutters–thoMore People Are Cutting The Cord Especially Netflix Subscribers 300x224 More People Are Cutting The Cord, Especially Netflix Subscribersse that have gotten rid of their cable or satellite TV subscriptions–are becoming more and more common every year. A new report from Experian Marketing Services shows that while the overall percentage of cord cutting households has risen, the percentage is even greater among households that also have Netflix or Hulu.

Over the past four years, the amount of people that have gotten rid of cable… [Read more on Tapscape]

Yes, Netflix And Hulu Are Starting To Kill Cable (The Huffington Post)

Cable companies, you’ve been put on notice.

Cord cutting — ditching your steep monthly cable or satellite bill and instead watching video online — is on the rise, according to a new report from Experian Marketing Services.

In fact, some young adults may never even pay for cable TV in their lifetimes.

The number of cord-cutters, which Experian considers people with high-speed Internet who’ve either never subscribed to or stopped subscribing to cable or satellite, has risen from… [Read more on The Huffington Post] 

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