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#Netflix made socks that know when you’ve fallen asleep while binge watching (The Verge)

And pause the program

We can now place “sock technology innovator” on the list of credentials Netflix would like to be known for. The streaming service this week published a DIY guide to creating a pair of holiday-themed “smart” socks capable of detecting when… [Read more on The Verge]

#Netflix knows the exact episode of a TV show that gets you hooked (The Verge)


A TV pilot may get you interested in a show, but Netflix says it’s rarely the episode that gets you hooked. It’s probably no surprise that Netflix has been analyzing our TV-watching habits to figure out exactly how we all get obsessed with certain series. It hasn’t come to any conclusions about precisely what gets us addicted, but it’s found that there tends to be an early episode in each series that, once viewers watch it, leads to a… [Read more on The Verge]

Le #bingewatching tue… Enfin, presque ! (Siècle Digital)

Tremblez terriens, la nouvelle menace est là : le « binge watching » tue ! C’est dans les pages du journal britannique The Independant que la nouvelle est tombée : une étude japonaise très sérieuse a été présentée fin août à la Société Européenne de Cardiologie à Londres. Unique en son genre, elle a réussi à… [Lire la suite sur Siècle Digital]

#Hulu Will Now Take the Non-Netflix Approach, Releasing New Original Content Weekly (No Film School)


Hulu wants people to have a chance to discuss their shows.

The online streaming service has decided that instead of releasing their new original content all at once as they have in the past, and as other major online streaming services have, each episode will stream… [Read more on No Film School]

#NBC entertainment chiefs talk binge experiment, ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ envy (LA Times)

NBC’s chairman of entertainment, Robert Greenblatt, shown in 2012, spoke with reporters Thursday in Beverly Hills on the last day of the 2015 Television Critics Assn. media tour. (Chris Haston / NBC)

On the last day of the Television Critics Assn. media tour, NBC’s entertainment chiefs opened up about the network’s programming experiments and plans for the future.

NBC’s chairman of entertainment, Robert Greenblatt, and entertainment president, Jennifer Salke, appeared before reporters Thursday at the Beverly Hilton Hotel and, perhaps as a way to give a break to the broken-record statements those in… [Read more on LA Times]

Here’s the recipe #Netflix uses to make binge-worthy TV (Quartz)

#Simpsons World Launches October 21st: Every Single Episode in One Intuitive App (IGN)

Simpsons World main menu on iPad
Simpsons World main menu on iPad

It’s been almost a year since FX acquired the syndication rights to all of The Simpsons, marking the biggest off-network deal in television history. Back in August, the network celebrated the animated show’s cable debut with a 12-day marathon on FXX, airing all 552 episodes in a row. Since then, FXX has… [Read more on IGN]

#Amazon’s ‘Transparent’ Gets A Second Season, Netflix Competitor Touts ‘Binge-Factor’ (International Business Times)

All 10 episodes of Amazon’s original series “Transparent” was made available to Prime subscribers on Sept. 26. Amazon

Amazon’s original series “Transparent” will be renewed for a second season, set to air in 2015, the company announced Thursday. While Amazon doesn’t disclose its viewership data, the announcement did cite the show’s “binge factor” — the addictiveness that entices viewers to devour multiple episodes in… [Read more on International Business Times]

Le streaming en passe de supplanter la consommation classique de télévision (ITR News)

En 2 ans seulement, le nombre de consommateurs prêts à payer pour accéder à des contenus depuis n’importe quel terminal a augmenté de 25 %, témoignant d’un intérêt croissant pour des services payants d’« accès universel ». Le streaming se rapproche de la télévision linéaire, avec juste 2 points d’écart en pourcentage en termes de consommation hebdomadaire. Le « binge viewing », ou visionnage marathon de plusieurs épisodes d’affilée… [Lire la suite sur ITR News]

Netflix Plus Oculus Hack Shows What Binging in Virtual Reality Is Like (Mashable)

Oculix Image: Netflix
Image: Netflix

Netflix may be using Internet distribution as a means to disrupt the traditional broadcast and cable-network model, but this week, the company showed off a brand new experiment that could become a future reality: Oculus meets Netflix.

The mashup, appropriately dubbed… [Read more on Mashable]

Mmm… Apps: FXNow Hopes to Rival HBO Go With ‘Simpsons World’ (The Hollywood Reporter)

FOX - The Simpsons
FOX – The Simpsons

FXX will begin airing reruns of the animated series with a 200-hour marathon in August before the show makes its app debut in October

A few years ago, TV network apps such as HBO Go were the next big thing. But rights complications keep many libraries thin and plenty of streaming forays have underwhelmed. Now, on the eve… [Read more on The Hollywood Reporter]

Bingers, streamers and digital addicts – meet the new Australian media consumer (WhaTech)

Internet use is set to outstrip television viewing as Australia’s entertainment source of choice, binge viewing is on the rise and baby boomers are driving tablet usage, according to the latest Deloitte Media Consumer Survey.

While television retains… [Read more on WhaTech]

Binge-watching de séries : “On perd le plaisir de découvrir l’histoire au fur et à mesure” (France Inter)

Binge-watching © – 2014

Netflix débarque en France à partir du mois de septembre. Ce système américain de vidéos à la demande vous proposera alors… [Lire la suite sur France Inter]

CHART OF THE DAY: Most People Use DVR To Binge-Watch TV Shows (Business Insider)

Since the advent of on-demand streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, “binge-watching” has become a cultural phenomenon, where users will watch hours upon hours of TV episodes… [Read more on Business Insider]

Television In TV, change is the new normal as viewers curate, binge, stream (The Denver Post)


(Jeff Neumann, The Denver Post)

Cars are living rooms; phones are TVs. Streaming has become mainstream. And binge-watchers’ insomnia is a thing.   Don’t look now, but in the entertainment sphere, revolution is the new normal. Freedom of choice is creating… [Read more on The Denver Post] 

Netflix Apple TV Channel Gets Post-Play Feature (Übergizmo)

digital entertainment marketing pop corn netflix

One of the things I like about binge watching TV shows on Netflix is that I don’t have to do anything to launch the next episode when the one I am currently watching ends. This feature is known as… [Read more on Übergizmo]

Research Shows Netflix Can Capitalize On Binge-Viewing (Bidness ETC)

Netflix Inc. and similar platforms allow viewers to indulge in binge-viewing at the expense of advertisers. Bidness Etc examines how advertising may evolve as binge-viewing surges in popularity…

[Read more on Bidness ETC]

Amazon To Follow Netflix’s Lead On A Binge-Watching Model (Inquisitr)

digital entertainment post marketing amazon studios

Amazon is taking a page out of Netflix’s book.

These days loyalty and sometimes the longevity of a show rests in how much fans binge-watch. Netflix was ahead of… [Read more on Inquisitr]

This is not a drill: Netflix want to pay you to watch TV and films (Metro)

Is Netflix Damaging Its Own Shows? (The Huffington Post)


Forgive me, for I have binged.

I have used the two Internet-based video services to which I subscribe — Netflix and Amazon Instant Video — to watch multiple… [Read more on The Huffington Post]

The Ring Of Fire: Of Pirates, Popcorn Time And Dynamic Pricing (TechCrunch)

At 36,007 feet up in the air, somewhere between Alaska and Russia, with the Aleutian Islands someplace below us, my child and I are sharing a blissful moment.

My one-year-old is sleeping peacefully and I finally have an opportunity to catch up on Game of Thrones. I’m four episodes behind, and I need to… [Read more on TechCrunch]

Netflix: The Addiction Increases (Liberty Voice)

Since the advent of the popular streaming service Netflix, people’s addiction to it has been referred to as “binge watching.” The average user is watching only about nine hours a month of Netflix, but it is not the people coming home from work to relax for… [Read more on Liberty Voice]

Netflix et l’impossibilité de prendre son temps (Métro)

Orange is the New Black

La vie bouge rapidement. Ou le temps c’est de l’argent. Choisissez votre expression surfaite pour l’exprimer, mais le passage du temps est une préoccupation constante.

Trop de boulot, pas assez de loisirs, trop peu de sommeil et, surtout,… [Lire la suite sur Métro]

How Netflix Is Changing Our Brains, And Why That May Not Be All Good (Forbes)

digital entertainment marketing orange is the new black netflix

With season two of Netflix’s breakout hit Orange is the New Black now airing, I’m struck by a profound change in the psychological calculus of entertainment.  Netflix has changed the game, and I don’t just mean the game of how shows are served to hungry eyes. I mean the game going on behind our eyes – the dynamics of… [Read more on Forbes]

Netflix at $8.99 is Still a Bargain (DailyFinance)

Paul Schiraldi/Netflix/AP The second season of “Orange Is the New Black” debuts on Netflix on June 6.

Binge viewing is about to get a little more expensive. True to its word, Netflix (NFLX) announced on Friday that the rate for its streaming plan will go up a buck to $8.99.

Netflix is freezing rates for current members at $7.99 a month for the next two years. Netflix closed out its… [Read more on DailyFinance]

Radio is the New Netflix. Here’s Your Binge Listening Guide. (Xconomy)

“Binge watching” TV shows wasn’t possible until the advent of full-season DVD sets in the late 1990s. And while bingeing was common enough in the 2000s—I definitely remember a few weekends spent inhaling 24, BSG, and The Wire—it didn’t really leap into the mainstream until 2013, when Netflix began streaming whole seasons of shows like House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black all at once.

Bingeing is addictive, as Portlandia’s Fred Armison and Carrie Brownstein dramatized in their ROFL-inducing skit One More Episode of Battlestar Galactica. You find a show you like, clear your schedule, stock up on popcorn and frozen pizza, and watch until your eyes turn to sandpaper. But this isn’t necessarily the kind of high that leaves you hollow and drained. Assuming you’ve picked a good show, you get to… [Read more on Xconomy]

Canal + : joue-la comme Netflix (Arrêt Sur Images)

Regardez tout d’un coup, mais gardez la fin pour vous L’arrivée prochaine de Netflix en France, prévue en automne, fait réagir l’audiovisuel français (@si vous en parlait ici). Pour la contrer, Canal+ a désormais une stratégie :… [Lire la suite sur Arrêt Sur Images]

Avec sa série «Mafiosa», Canal + pousse à la consommation sans modération (20 minutes)

Hélène Fillières dans la saison 5 de “Mafiosa”. Vincent Flouret / Canal+

SERIE – La saison 5 inédite de «Mafiosa» est proposée en intégralité par la chaîne cryptée sur son service de vidéo à la demande…

Une véritable incitation au «binge watching», ce phénomène de consommation effrénée d’une série. La saison 5 de «Mafiosa» commence ce soir  sur Canal+ avec la diffusion des deux premiers épisodes. Déjà impatient de voir la fin de cette série française, produite par Canal+, avec Hélène Fillières dans le rôle principal? Pas de souci. La chaîne… [Lire la suite sur 20 minutes]

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