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Les box TV sont-elles le “futur de la #télé” ? (France Info)

digital_entertainment_marketing_apple tv

La nouvelle Apple TV, qui vient de sortir, est présentée comme le “futur de la télé”. Vrai ou faux ?

Apple TV 

La nouvelle Apple TV serait, selon la marque à la pomme, “Le futur de la télévision“. C’est sans doute exagéré mais c’est vrai qu’elle fait pas mal de choses. Ce petit boîtier (200 Euros environ) permet d’accéder à toutes sortes de contenus provenant d’Internet : vidéos à la demande (Netflix, CanalPlay, iTunes), YouTube, replays de certaines chaînes de télé (Arte), etc. Principale nouveauté : la possibilité de… [Lire la suite sur France Info]

#Matchstick’s Firefox OS-Based Chromecast Competitor Is Dead (Variety) offre un Chromecast avec l’achat d’une saison de série TV (Numerama)

Disponible en France depuis septembre, est la plateforme de vidéo à la demande (VOD) du groupe japonais Rakuten. Contrairement aux services de SVOD qui doivent patienter trois ans avant de proposer un film qui vient de sortir, Wuaki a le droit de l’exploiter après un délai de… [Lire la suite sur Numerama]

Bad News for Amazon: Google Play Movies and TV Are Now on #Roku (Wired)

Josh Valcarcel / WIRED

Today, Roku announced its channel selections will now include Google Play Movies & TV. Unlike the Google Play Movies & TV app for iOS, you’ll be able to buy and rent movies and TV shows directly through the Roku channel.

Google just announced its own streaming box, which makes that move seem weird… [Read more on Wired]

HBO Go launches on Chromecast in Netherlands (Telecompaper)

Read the article on Telecompaper

First Android TVs Launch. Spotify Connect And OnLive Gaming Already On Board (Forbes)

The Philips Android TV interface follows the design of Philips’ previous Smart TV interface.

It’s been a long wait, but the first TVs equipped with an Android-based smart TV system have finally arrived. They were officially unveiled at the IFA technology show in Berlin – and I was there to have a play with them. So what can you expect?

Perhaps surprisingly, the first brand to bring an Android TV to market is… [Read more on Forbes]

Google TV will disrupt Apple and Roku (Advanced Television)

digital_entertainment_marketing_android TV

The arrival of Google’s Android TV platform could well disrupt the landscape for streaming media players now dominated by Roku and Apple TV, potentially disturbing a rapidly expanding market that… [Read more on Advanced Television]

Google is making its Spotify equivalent free for three months (The Washington Post)

digital entertainment marketing chromecast

One of the most frustrating things about Google’s HDMI Chromecast dongle is that is that you can’t use it with Spotify. While the device… [Read more on The Washington Post]

Social TV startup Beamly aims for the big screen with Android TV app (Gigaom)

What is Android TV? Everything you need to know (Recombu)

Has Google finally got it right with Android TV?

What is Android TV? How does it compare with Chromecast, Apple TV and the rest? Will Android TV be worth getting? We give you the full rundown…

[Read more on Recombu]

What Aereo And Google Told Us About The TV Business Today (International Business Times)

Televisions on display at the 1969 International CES CEA/International CES

Two things happened Wednesday that show how far the TV business will go to preserve the status quo.

Broadcasters, including ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox, prevailed over Aereo, a startup that sold access to free channels over the Web. Google unveiled Android TV, yet another set-top box that puts all kinds of content on your TV except, well, TV…. [Read more on International Business Times]

Tech Five: Google diving deeper into TV (USA Today)

(Photo: Marcio Jose Sanchez, AP)

Google may have more than wearable technology to discuss during its I/O developers conference keynote. Let’s look at the technology stocks to watch Wednesday:

Google. The tech titan plans to reveal a… [Read more on USA Today]

Google se préparerait à sortir une box TV connectée (La Tribune)

Ce nouveau boîtier fonctionnera avec une nouvelle version d’Android TV et permettra de regarder des films ou de jouer à des jeux vidéo. /Reuters

L’entreprise californienne devrait présenter un nouveau boîtier multimédia au cours de sa conférence annuelle des développeurs.

Google devrait dévoiler au moins… [Lire la suite sur La Tribune]

Deezer sur Chromecast : des playlists collaboratives sur grand écran (Clubic)

digital entertainment marketing deezer chromecast

Jusqu’à présent tourné essentiellement vers la vidéo, le Chromecast accueillera bientôt un service de musique à la demande majeur : Deezer.

Deezer a annoncé aujourd’hui la prise en charge du Chromecast. Avec la… [Lire la suite sur Clubic]

Here’s Why Google Inc. Is Launching a New TV Platform (The Motley Fool)

digital_entertainment_marketing_android TV

Since 2010, Google is aggressively aiming to enter the streaming television market. The good news is the company’s $35 HDMI streaming dongle, Chromecast, has been fairly successful. The bad news is the company has continuously struggled with Google TV, a streaming platform with access to Android apps.

As Gigaom reports,  the tech giant is now replacing this platform with a much more… [Read more on The Motley Fool]

Video Game Consoles Are Still The Most Popular Streaming Devices For TVs (Business Insider)

When people talk about the streaming video to TV market, the most common devices discussed are smart TVs and dedicated devices like Roku and Apple TV. But what gets overlooked are video game consoles. These actually comprise the vast… [Read more on Business Insider]

Aereo now streams live or recorded TV to Chromecast (Liliputing)

Aereo is a somewhat controversial service that lets subscribers in select markets stream live or recorded TV over the internet to a phone, tablet, Roku, or Apple TV.

Now Aereo works with Google Chromecast as well. That means for the price of a $35 Chromecast plus $8 per month, you can get live or recorded TV channels on your TV without… [Read more on Liliputing]

Google Is Going To Try And Revolutionize TV Next Month (Business Insider)

digital_entertainment_marketing_android TV

Google is gearing up to unveil Android TV at Google I/O, the company’s big developers conference in San Francisco next month.

Android TV won’t be a device, but a platform that TV and set-top box manufacturers can use, GigaOm reports.

Google is expected to… [Read more on Business Insider]

Google Said To Be Planning Android TV Launch At I/O In June (TechCrunch)

Google has long been rumored to replace Google TV with Android TV, a new crack at the home media market with more roots in its mobile OS and less of a separate focus, but a new… [Read more on TechCrunch]

Why Smart TV Shipments Are Growing (The Street)

Smart TVs, or those that connect users directly to streaming services, such as Netflix or allow them to check the weather without the need for a set-top box or dongle, are growing in popularity. Yet, they still represent less than 10% of “installed” TVs, according to Internet analyst Mary Meeker. Smart TV shipments represented approximately… [Read more on The Street]

Chromecast Gets Spotify Music Service via Spoticast (International Business Times)

Spotify music streaming service is now available for Google’s new Chromecast streaming dongle.

Spotify enables users to stream music on various devices. The service is officially available for… [Read more on International Business Times]

How Google is sticking it to regular TV (The Yorkshire Post)

A YEAR after it launched in the US, Google has brought its Chromecast “smart TV stick” to the UK. It’s being marketed as a rival to Apple’s still-to-catch-on set-top box and a game-changer for watching catch-up services on your television instead of your computer.

At just £30 and with a Google guarantee behind it, the Chromecast is a compelling proposition, yet it’s not… [Read more on The Yorkshire Post]

The future of TV: social networks, recommendations and Chromecast (Techradar)

The future of television is multiscreens and social networks

In Depth In the future it’s all about multi screens

It used to be that the television was the centre piece of your living room. An influx of smaller screens in the home, though, has meant that the TV has had to fight a lot harder in recent years for your attention.

One way it has done this is with new technology. While 3D fell by the wayside, due to gimmickry, smart TV functionality has finally started to… [Read more on Techradar]

The Supreme Court Case That Will Decide the Future of Television (Politix)

In this Wednesday, March 26, 2014 photo, Chet Kanojia, the founder and CEO of Aereo, speaks during an interview with The Associated Press, in New York. • AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

Aereo – Billion-Dollar Company or Billion-Dollar Liability? Op-ed by Derek Khanna

In the past decade, home-media consumption of television content has changed significantly. Millions of people, particularly among younger generations, are becoming cord-cutters and converting to Netflix or Hulu. Smart TV’s and add-ons like Chromecast, Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV are changing the way we consume content, changing how we pay for content, and changing the content we are able to consume – as the quality of programming has continued to get much higher.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court will hear a case involving… [Read more on Politix]

Fan TV hits Time Warner Cable to blend live and on-demand video (Slash Gear)

digital entertainment marketing fan tv time warner cable

Set-top box upstart Fan TV will be offered to Time Warner Cable subscribers looking for video-on-demand and streaming, with the $99 accessory taking on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast. Focusing on ease of content discovery, Fan TV mixes live and on-demand content in the same menu, hoping to… [Read more on Slash Gear]

Chromecast : le meilleur reste à venir (Presse Citron)

L’intérêt pour le Chromecast est en train de s’étoffer.

Cela fait maintenant plus d’un mois que le Chromecast est arrivé en France. Si l’appareil à 35 euros de Google semble recevoir un bon accueil, de nombreuses personnes ne sont tout simplement pas intéressées. Soit parce qu’elles n’en ont pas réellement besoin (avec une bonne smartTV, de nombreuses fonctionnalités sont déjà disponibles), soit parce qu’elles n’en comprennent pas l’utilité… [Lire la suite sur Presse Citron]

Now, you can control your Smart TV using a keyboard (Deccan Chronicle)

Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard
Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard

Are you planning to buy a Smart TV? Do you expect the Smart TV to offer you with more than just touch screen or additional apps? If yes, a new Smart TV keyboard known as ‘Harmony Smart Keyboard’ has been developed by Logitech. This keyboard can support the Amazon Fire TV, Netflix and Hulu.

Its media keys include… [Read more on Deccan Chronicle]

Une télévision de plus en plus connectée (Le Monde)

La télé, cela ne sert plus uniquement à regarder la télé. Les dalles LCD, plasma et maintenant LED servent désormais autant à capter des chaînes qu’à afficher des contenus multimédias : émissions, films, vidéos, photographies, jeux, musiques et pages Web. Les « smartTV » – ou téléviseurs connectés – permettent d’accéder à des bouquets, catalogues de chaînes payantes ou d’applications, par le réseau Internet. Mais c’est encore… [Lire la suite sur Le Monde]

How the New ‘TV’ Will Affect Cable Companies and Consumers (Townhall Finance)

Watching what you used to consider television is about to get a whole lot more interesting. By now, most us have abandoned true broadcast television and left our “rabbit ears” behind for cable service of one kind or another. Whether from Comcast (CMCSA), Cox Cable, Charter Communications, Verizon (VZ), AT&T (T) or some other service, these companies have been… [Read more on Townhall Finance]

Android TV, nouvel essai dans la télé connectée (Les Echos)

Après la Google TV et Chromecast, Google travaillerait sur l’Android TV.

La télévision crée bien des soucis à Google. Visiblement peu satisfait de sa Google TV, le géant du Net travaillerait à un nouveau produit, selon la presse américaine. Le site spécialisé The Verge s’est procuré un rapport dans lequel Google détaille son nouveau projet. Android TV s’inspirerait davantage, selon ce rapport, de ce qui se pratique déjà en matière de « set-top box ». La logique serait plus proche de… [Lire la suite sur Les Echos]

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