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Apple TV

#Amazon prépare sa riposte à l’Apple TV (FrenchWeb)

Le petit écran est bousculé par les acteurs du Web, et Amazon veut être de la partie. La firme de Seattle réfléchit à faire évoluer son offre Prime Instant Video, rapporte Bloomberg. L’idée est de proposer aux clients de… [Lire la suite sur Frenchweb]

Les box TV sont-elles le “futur de la #télé” ? (France Info)

digital_entertainment_marketing_apple tv

La nouvelle Apple TV, qui vient de sortir, est présentée comme le “futur de la télé”. Vrai ou faux ?

Apple TV 

La nouvelle Apple TV serait, selon la marque à la pomme, “Le futur de la télévision“. C’est sans doute exagéré mais c’est vrai qu’elle fait pas mal de choses. Ce petit boîtier (200 Euros environ) permet d’accéder à toutes sortes de contenus provenant d’Internet : vidéos à la demande (Netflix, CanalPlay, iTunes), YouTube, replays de certaines chaînes de télé (Arte), etc. Principale nouveauté : la possibilité de… [Lire la suite sur France Info]

Apple expected to sell 24 million new #AppleTV models in 2016 (BGR)

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Whether or not the new Apple TV will be able to cut into the explosive growth of the PS4 and Xbox One remains to be seen, but analysts are confident that the upgraded set-top box will boost Apple’s revenue significantly in 2016… [Read more on BGR]

Apple’s giant #iPad is coming next week, report says (Business Insider)

Martin Hajeck

If you’ve been waiting patiently for a super-sized iPad, September 9 may be your lucky day.

Apple is reportedly planning to take the wraps off its much-rumored iPad Pro that day, alongside its new iPhone, new Apple TV, and a slew of… [Read more on Business Insider]

#Apple wants to make its own TV shows and movies, according to a new report (Business Insider)

Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla

Apple has been meeting with Hollywood executives with an eye toward making its own original TV shows and movies, Variety reports.

The news comes just more than a week before Apple’s September 9 event, where it’s expected to… [Read more on Business Insider]

Apple will reportedly debut a new #AppleTV in September, subscription TV coming later (VentureBeat)

digital_entertainment_marketing_apple tv

Apple will roll out a new Apple TV streaming device with a more powerful A8 chip inside at a launch event this September, but a new subscription TV service will not be coming with it.

That’s according to… [Read more on VentureBeat]

Why #Apple’s New TV Service May Be Delayed (Time)

#Apple’s Exclusive HBO Deal Isn’t So Exclusive (The Motley Fool)

Cord-cutters looking to subscribe to HBO won’t need an Apple product after all.

Dish Network’s new Internet-based TV service, SlingTV, has added Time Warner’s premium network to its line-up. Now, SlingTV subscribers can get access to HBO’s programming without a traditional cable subscription.

Although it’s a bit different than Apple’s exclusive service, HBO Now, it certainly lessens the… [Read more on The Motley Fool]

Apple and #HBO ‘in talks over streaming partnership’ (the gardian)

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones

Apple TV streaming service is set to be partner in the launch of HBO Now next month bringing premium shows to viewers without a cable subscription… [Read more on The Guardian]

The #PlayStation TV Might Not Be An Apple TV Killer, But That’s Not The Point (Business Insider)

The PlayStation TV is smaller than an iPhone 6.

The PlayStation TV, which was released last week, is a small set-top box that you can hold in your hand. It allows you to play PS3, PlayStation One, PS Vita, and PSP games through Sony’s streaming-game service, PlayStation Now.

It can also read games from a… [Read more on Business Insider]

This is how the real #Apple TV will let you ditch your cable provider (BGR)

#TV is definitely not stuck in the 70s, and here’s the proof (TechRadar)

TV is so stuck in the 70s that it’s on your phone, tablet, computer and video games console

Cook needs to look a bit harder

With the news this week that the iPlayer has extended its window for watching to a full month, the arrival of even more channels on Virgin Media’s streaming service and the steady roll-out of Sky’s impressive new feature set you’d be forgiven for… [Read more on TechRadar]

Will #Apple Inc. Open Apple TV to Facebook and Twitter Next Week? (The Motley Fool)

Source: Apple

TV remains an area of great interest for Tim Cook and Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL  ) . The company, whose Apple TV set-top box is in 20 million homes, may be looking to open up its television platform to developers a bit more in the near future.

Global Equities Research released a note on Wednesday indicating Apple is working on an App Store for Apple TV. Trip Chowdhry interviewed several… [Read more on The Motley Fool]

Apple TV and #Roku Have Broken the 30 Million Mark: Is Cable Doomed? (The Motley Fool)

Earlier this month, set-top box maker Roku announced that it had sold its 10 millionth streaming player — an impressive figure to be sure, but one that had long been surpassed by rival Apple, whose own streaming box, the Apple TV, broke through the… [Read more on The Motley Fool]

Now TV now brings Sky movies and TV to Apple TV (C|Net)

Ray Donovan
Ray Donovan

Boardwalk Empire” and “American Hustle” are among the Sky highlights available on your telly without a dish.

Now TV’s TV is now on Apple TV. You can watch Sky television and movie channels on your Apple TV from today with the debut of Now TV Entertainment Month Pass and Sky Movies Month Pass for Apple’s media streaming box.

Now TV is Sky’s online streaming service bringing Sky channels and shows to those of us who don’t… [Read more on C|Net]

Why Apple will never make an iTV (TechRadar)

Don’t hold your breath for an Apple iTV

Apple isn’t making a Smart TV – it’s too smart for that

Apple is making a TV! Apple is not making a TV. It is and it’s called iTV! It’s not and it wouldn’t be called that anyway, it is a silly name.

So goes the schizophrenic debate about whether or not Apple will ever build a television.

People have… [Read more on TechRadar]

Apple TV trots out Showtime Anytime app (C|Net)

digital entertainment post showtime anytime app

HBO Go isn’t alone anymore. Premium-cable rival Showtime gets its video-on-demand app into the “walled garden” of Apple’s TV-streaming box.

Showtime, the premium cable network known for “Dexter” and “Homeland,” has made it past Apple’s gates, with its on-demand videos of full… [Read more on C|Net]

Apple Might Want To Take Notice Of This Massive Opportunity (The Motley Fool)

Apple‘s expected iPhone 6 launch will most certainly be the biggest device launch of 2014, as the company releases the fourth major refresh to its iPhone family. While the iPhone’s hardware, software, and size are all likely to change, consumers… [Read more on The Motley Fool]

Google TV will disrupt Apple and Roku (Advanced Television)

digital_entertainment_marketing_android TV

The arrival of Google’s Android TV platform could well disrupt the landscape for streaming media players now dominated by Roku and Apple TV, potentially disturbing a rapidly expanding market that… [Read more on Advanced Television]

NFL Launches ‘NFL Now’ Internet-Video Service on Apple TV, Xbox, Roku and Other Devices (Variety)

Netflix Apple TV Channel Gets Post-Play Feature (Übergizmo)

digital entertainment marketing pop corn netflix

One of the things I like about binge watching TV shows on Netflix is that I don’t have to do anything to launch the next episode when the one I am currently watching ends. This feature is known as… [Read more on Übergizmo]

The Surprising Market Where Apple, Inc. Is Missing a Big Opportunity (The Motley Fool)

digital_entertainment_marketing_miley cyrus apple tv

DVD and Blu-ray sales rarely top $100 million anymore. That’s a problem for Hollywood that Apple, Inc. and other set-top box makers are poised to… [Read more on The Motley Fool]

Sorry, Apple TV: Roku and Chromecast are killing you in sales (BGR)

Vimeo launches revamped Apple TV channel with better discovery, on-demand video (AppleInsider)

Video sharing service Vimeo on Wednesday rolled out an all-new version of its Apple TV channel, bringing a streamlined user interface, new curated playlists,…

[Read more on AppleInsider]

Apple TV gets new content from ABC News, PBS, AOL, & more (VentureBeat)

digital_entertainment_marketing_apple tv

Apple’s streaming box just got four new apps, including 24-hour live programming from Disney-owned ABC News… [Read more on VentureBeat]

Apple casse le prix de l’Apple TV avant l’arrivée de Netflix (01Net)

digital_entertainment_marketing_apple tv

Alors que le lancement en France de Netflix se précise, Apple a discrètement cassé le prix de son Apple TV qui passe sous la barre des 100 euros.

L’arrivée imminente en France de Netflix ne bouscule pas seulement les chaînes de TV… [Lire la suite sur 01Net]

PlayStation TV and the Battle Every Video Game Investor Needs to Be Watching Now (The Motley Fool)

Due this fall, the PlayStation TV is to be sold stand-alone or in a bundle. Credit: Sony.

Set-top box makers are adding more games to their systems. At E3, Sony responded by unveiling PlayStation TV for gamers who want access to high-quality games as well as streaming services and Sony’s library of original TV and movies. Should and Apple  investors be nervous?… [Read more on The Motley Fool]

Apple And Help Make TV King Of Internet (

TV is quickly becoming king of the Internet, thanks in part to Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), (NASDAQ:AMZN) and Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL).

By the end of the year, more than 113 million U.S. consumers, or 35% of the entire… [Read more on]

Could Apple’s Television Trump Card be Challenging Xbox in Gaming? (The Motley Fool)

Welcome to the next vision for Apple TV? At its recent World Wide Developers Conference, Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL  )  introduced a new low-level 3-D graphics API called Metal that could be integrated into Apple TV down the road. While Metal could give obvious advantages in mobile, its promise of… [Read more on The Motley Fool]

Video Game Consoles Are Still The Most Popular Streaming Devices For TVs (Business Insider)

When people talk about the streaming video to TV market, the most common devices discussed are smart TVs and dedicated devices like Roku and Apple TV. But what gets overlooked are video game consoles. These actually comprise the vast… [Read more on Business Insider]

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