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‘#Seinfeld’ Isn’t worth $90 Million to Amazon, Hulu or Yahoo (Forbes)



Last Friday, The Wall Street Journal revealed a bidding war to be currently underway for the exclusive streaming rights of Seinfeld among SVOD giants Amazon, Hulu and Yahoo. According to the report,… [Read more on Forbes]

Universal, CW and Hulu Buy Into Yahoo’s #Tumblr Autoplay Video Ads (Variety)

La guerre des #séries bouleverse le paysage de la télévision américaine (Les Echos)


De nouveaux acteurs émergents répliquent le modèle HBO en produisant leurs propres contenus.
Les Emmy Awards devraient encore saluer la vitalité de séries cultes comme « House of Cards ».

La cérémonie des Emmy Awards, qui se tiendra ce lundi au Nokia Theater de Los Angeles, sera chargée d’émotion. L’acteur… [Lire la suite sur Les Echos]


Harmon: ‘Community’ online won’t be too different (The Fresno Bee)

Joel McHalem from left, Gillian Jacobs and Jim Rash attend the “Community” panel on Day 1 of Comic-Con International on Thursday, July 24, 2014, in San Diego. INVISION — Photo by Tonya Wise

— Just because “Community” is going online to Yahoo doesn’t mean it’s in for a lot of changes.

In fact, creator Dan Harmon says he has… [Read more on The Fresno Bee]

Yahoo spotlights live music to shine on Internet stage (Yahoo News)

Yahoo spotlights live music to shine on Internet stage. AFP

San Francisco (AFP) – Yahoo’s hopes for renewed stardom on the Internet stage are being pinned on a song.

Make that many songs — performed by popular musicians in real time,… [Read more on Yahoo News]

Yahoo!’s ‘Community’ Revival Means the End of Cancellations (The Street)

digital entertainment marketing community yahoo screen

If your favorite show has a fan base obsessive enough to not only fight for its existence, but to shell out to companies or sponsors to keep it around, it no longer needs to be cancelled. Viewers began understanding that… [Read more on The Street]

Yahoo! repêche “Community”: une stratégie futée (Les Inrocks)

(Saison 5 de “Community” / Crédit : NBC)

Annulée par la chaîne américaine NBC en mai dernier, “Community” a finalement été sauvée par l’outsider Yahoo!, qui profite ainsi de la célébrité de la série pour faire…

[Lire la suite sur Les Inrocks]

‘Community’ getting sixth season on Yahoo (The Verge)

Community (continuation and conclusion)
Community (continuation and conclusion)

Community is getting its sixth season. This fall, it’ll head to Yahoo Screen for a 13-episode run, saving the show after it was canceled by NBC in May. “I am very… [Read more on The Verge]

Marissa Mayer n’a qu’une idée en tête : ringardiser #Youtube (Journal Du Net)

La patronne du portail US travaille au lancement d’une plateforme vidéo propriétaire. Et lorgne fortement du côté des Youtubeurs les…

[Lire la suite sur le Journal Du Net]

Yahoo! Is Becoming a Good Investment Slowly But Surely (GuruFocus)

digital entertainment marketing yahoo

Yahoo! inked a billion dollar deal to buy Tumblr last year, which hosts photo-centric blogs. Tumblr is already starting to incorporate advertising into its service. That’s the “holy grail” onto which Yahoo! is looking to latch.

Falling from Grace

Yahoo! was a one-time market darling, helping lead the tech charge that culminated in the 2000 market peak. Since the tech bubble burst, however, Yahoo! hasn’t been viewed the same way by the market. Google is largely to blame.

Google’s dominant Internet search platform and massive advertising reach pushed Yahoo! into the shadows. While ads next to Google search results are an important aspect, the company’s… [Read more on GuruFocus]

The Best Online-Original TV Shows 2014 (Tom’s Guide)

“Burning Love” on Yahoo Screen

With some online shows now at the level of quality and intricacy as Netflix’s “House of Cards,” the genre of Web video has forever changed. More shows are coming not only from obvious competitors Amazon and Hulu, but also from upstart Crackle and unlikely tech giants AOL, Microsoft and Yahoo. With so many players rolling out their own original content, it becomes overwhelming for the casual viewer to keep track of everything and separate the good stuff from the video that isn’t worth your time. We’re here to help with the best picks from the current crop of online originals. From… [Read more on Tom’s Guide]

Newfronts Analysis: Why Microsoft, Yahoo, Etc. Invaded TV’s Turf (Variety)

digital entertainment marketing newfront

Netflix wasn’t at the Digital Content NewFronts this past week but the streaming service might as well have been there.

Unmistakable was its influence on the heavyweight digital brands frontloaded into the opening week of these seemingly endless presentations to Madison Avenue.

Microsoft and Yahoo unveiled their forays into scripted long-form series; AOL went long-form, too, for the first time, but stayed unscripted. And Crackle and Hulu doubled down on scripted long-form as well.

Chalk that trend up to the natural evolution of the business, if you will. Or maybe… [Read more on Variety]

Yahoo Screen Arrives On Android (TechCrunch)

Yahoo Screen, Yahoo’s relatively new mobile app for streaming video, is now available on Android. The app first launched last September to iOS users on iPhone and iPad. The news comes only a couple of days after the company announced… [Read more on TechCrunch]

Yahoo Unveils Two Half-Hour Series to Compete for TV Ad Dollars (AdAge)

Yahoo wants TV ad dollars, whether they be spent on original programming or augmenting TV spots.

During its Digital Content NewFronts presentation on Monday night, Yahoo presented its plans to siphon some of the $68 billion advertisers are expected to spend on U.S. TV this year. Those plans include:… [Read more on AdAge]

Yahoo & Live Nation partner to livestream concerts every day for a year (VentureBeat)

NEW YORK CITY — Onstage at its “Digital Content NewFront” event, Yahoo announced a new partnership with event-ticketing firm Live Nation.

Yahoo shares that it plans to livestream concerts daily for a year. Additionally, Yahoo plans to… [Read more on VentureBeat]

Yahoo Wants Apple to Dump Google, Amazon Wants Quicker Payments (Re/code)

digital entertainment marketing google

In case you missed anything, here’s a quick roundup of some of the news that powered Re/code this week.

  1. If you were counting on tech industry business leaders to take a hard stand against the proposed Comcast-Time Warner merger, think again. In other non-disruptions in… [Read more on Re/code]

Netflix, Yahoo!, Amazon, Microsoft : les nouveaux rois des séries (Vanity Fair)

Source : Vanity Fair
Source : Vanity Fair

La guerre fait rage entre la télé traditionnelle américaine et ses nouveaux concurrents venus du web. Revue des forces en présence.

Il y a peu, les chaînes de télé traditionnelles bataillaient ardemment pour diffuser la meilleure série à leurs téléspectateurs. Elles doivent désormais compter avec de nouveaux concurrents aux dents longues et à la créativité débordante : les plateformes de… [Lire la suite sur Vanity Fair]

Après Netflix et Dailymotion, Yahoo aussi se lance dans les webséries (L’Informaticien)

Yahoo se lance dans la production de webséries, pour rattraper en marche le train des plateformes de vidéos proposant leurs propres contenus originaux. Bonne nouvelle !

La semaine dernière, nous pointions l’ambition de Yahoo de créer sa propre plateforme de vidéos en ligne, à la manière de YouTube qu’il cherche à concurrencer. Nous expliquions que Yahoo avait pour idée de miser sur la qualité plutôt que sur la quantité, en invitant, par exemples, des stars du web à venir sur cette nouvelle plateforme tamponnée Yahoo.

Mais son ambition est encore bien plus grande : en effet,… [Lire la suite sur L’Informaticien]

First Netflix and Amazon. Now Yahoo to Get Into TV Programming Game (The Wall Street Journal)

Yahoo is raising its ambitions in online video, with plans to acquire the kind of programming that typically winds up on high-end cable TV networks or streaming services like Netflix, people briefed on the company’s plans say. [Read more on The Wall Street Journal]

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