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Now even #Pandora is struggling with its future (Mashable)

Streaming services compete to attract — and fairly pay — artists like Taylor Swift. Image: ASSOCIATED PRESS

Music streaming service Pandora had a bizarre day Thursday just before announcing its latest earnings report.

Its stock moved up and down so wildly — suddenly jumping from… [Read more on Mashable]

For #Spotify and Pandora, Connecting Artists to Fans Is Good Business (billboard)

A computer showing Spotify playing “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” by the Beatles. (John Keeble/Getty Images)

With newcomer Apple Music already taking a sizable bite out of the market, competing services Spotify and Pandora hope to differentiate themselves by amping up ways to help artists connect with their fans.

Spotify continues to refine its artist portal feature, which makes… [Read more on billboard]

#Pandora se personnalise pour affronter la concurrence du streaming musical (La Presse)

Si le Suédois Spotify est le leader mondial du streaming, Pandora reste numéro 1 aux États-Unis. Photo Archives Reuters

Pandora, une des figures de proue de la radio sur internet, a présenté lundi une nouvelle fonctionnalité qui permet d’améliorer la personnalisation des choix musicaux, dans l’espoir de conserver ses utilisateurs face à une offre grandissante dans la musique à la demande.

Contrairement à la majorité des sites de streaming (flux sans téléchargement) comme Spotify, qui permettent à l’internaute de… [Lire la suite sur La Presse]

#Pandora rachète Rdio au rabais afin de résister à Spotify (L’Usine Digitale)


Le géant du streaming musical Pandora va racheter une partie des droits de propriété intellectuelle du site de streaming à la demande Rdio pour 75 millions de dollars. Autrefois valorisé 500 millions de dollars, ce dernier s’apprête de son côté à déposer le bilan. Avec la technologie développée par Rdio, le pionnier du secteur espère ainsi pouvoir résister à Spotify et se développer, enfin, à l’international…

[Lire la suite sur L’Usine Digitale]

#Spotify Adds New Curated ‘In Residence’ Radio Shows To Compete With Apple Music’s Beats 1 (Tech Times)


Spotify has added a new feature called “In Residence,” which consists of podcast-like radio shows curated by musical artists. The service appears to be an attempt to compete on some level with Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio station, although the Spotify shows are not aired live.

As the music streaming wars continue to heat up, streaming services are looking to find ways to differentiate themselves from the competition. One of the most successfully-received aspects of… [Read more on Tech Times]

#Pandora and the Music Labels Finally Agree on Something: They’re All Mad at Spotify and YouTube (re/code)

Pandora founder Tim Westergren | Photo: Asa Mathat
Pandora founder Tim Westergren | Photo: Asa Mathat

For years, Pandora and the music business have been at odds: Music labels (and some musicians) have complained that Pandora doesn’t pay enough for the songs it plays; Pandora says the opposite.

Now they have finally found some common ground: Both of them are… [Read more on re/code]

#Podcasting embraces a new era of cool (thanks, Serial) (Mashable)

Image: Illustration by Bob Al-Greene

Video may have killed the radio star sometime in the 1980s, but the podcast Serial seems to have resurrected him.

A milestone in podcasting came in October 2014, almost 10 years after the birth of the first podcast, on the Tonight Show. This American Life host Ira Glass sat on Jimmy Fallon’s couch in October 2014 and, with the help of his elderly neighbor, explained how to download a podcast.

Glass’ visit and kitschy video were… [Read more on Mashable]

Amazon, Google and Pandora launch coalition to battle digital #royalties hike (Music Week)

Amazon, Google and Pandora have joined forces to launch a coalition to oppose efforts from musicians, publishers and record labels to raise digital royalty rates from online services.

The move comes during a… [Read more on Music Week]

The Serial effect: America’s biggest #radio company is getting into podcasts (Quartz)

Pitch Your Startup In The #TechCrunch Radio Pitch-Off On Sirius XM (TechCrunch)

Music labels are reportedly pressuring #Spotify to limit free streaming (The Verge)

digital entertainment marketing spotify

It’s no secret that the digital age hasn’t been kind to the music industry. Streaming services like Spotify, Rdio, and Pandora have buoyed a long-declining market with the support of eager music labels, but it seems those very… [Read more on The Verge]

Apple puts targeted ads in your #iTunes Radio stream (Engadget)

For months, Apple has tried to find different ways to solidly monetize iTunes Radio, but it hasn’t been an easy task to accomplish. While the company does offer… [Read more on Engadget]

#Rdio matches Spotify on family pricing as the music streaming battle royale continues (PC World)

digital entertainment post rdio streaming music

There’s no lack of choices when it comes to music subscription streaming services such as Beats, Pandora, Rdio, Spotify, and Xbox Music to name just a few. Even YouTube is getting into the groove with YouTube Music Key announced on Wednesday. It’s no surprise then, that Rdio is… [Read more on PC World]

Personal internet radio service 8tracks relaunches website with new #DJ tools (Gigaom)

Mad Genius Radio Is What #Pandora Should Be (Tech Cocktail)

I recently had time to catch up with Mad Genius Radio Founder Eric Neumann and CEO Max Fulton. Mad Genius Radio is a new startup breaking onto the radio scene with a bevy of unique features and a beautiful interface both via the web and their iOS/Android apps.

Mad Genius Radio started as nothing more than an idea roughly… [Read more on Tech Cocktail]

#Pandora Teases Streaming Music Subscribers With A New Ad Model (Forbes)

digital entertainment marketing pandora music genome project

Streaming music platform Pandora has tried a lot of things to both raise its income and increase its subscriber base, but the company is getting especially aggressive with a brand new ad model that promises an… [Read more on Forbes]

#Pandora to musicians: Dive on into our audience data (C|Net)

With more than 50 billion hours of music streamed in nine years, Pandora is letting all artists played on its Internet radio service spy into their audience data.
With more than 50 billion hours of music streamed in nine years, Pandora is letting all artists played on its Internet radio service spy into their audience data.

Pandora’s free AMP service pulls back the curtain on data culled from tens of billions of hours of listening to help musicians market themselves smarter.

Pandora launched a program Wednesday opening up its data heap to artists, with the goal that no decent band must play to a crowd of 15 yawning people again.

Pandora, by far the Web’s top streaming-music… [Read more on C|Net]

#Audioboom aims to disrupt radio industry (The Financial Times)

digital entertainment post audioboomIn the business of audio entertainment, the big money is in music. But that has not stopped investors from getting excited about a less glamorous type of audio: the spoken word.

The 10-fold increase in the market capitalisation of Audioboom in just five months has highlighted this little-known companyas… [Read more onn The Financial Times]


Clear Channel Flips Its Name to iHeartMedia (Newsfactor Business Report)

Clear Channel, the nation’s biggest radio station owner, is broadcasting a new signal to listeners and advertisers. The San Antonio-based media company, owner of 840 radio stations, has changed its name to iHeartMedia, after its iHeartRadio online network that lets people listen to the likes of… [Read more on Newsfactor Business Report]

Skype launches Skype TX, solution to integrate TV and radio (Tech News Blog)

Big Data Audio Streaming: How #Spotify And Pandora Use Data To Better Serve Customers (CloudTweaks)

Source: Spotify
Source: Spotify

Big Data Audio Streaming: How Spotify And Pandora Use Data To Better Serve Customers

Companies such as Pandora and Spotify are examples of audio streaming services that employ Big Data extensively. It’s nothing new in the entertainment world, as Big Data is shaping the future of the movie industry as well. Similarly to the world of cinema, music streaming services stand to gain with… [Read more on CloudTweaks]

Daniel Mermet envisage un “Là-bas si j’y suis” sur le Web (Télérama)


Radio | Remercié par France Inter en juin dernier, l’animateur compte reprendre son émission sur Internet. Il profitera de la prochaine Fête de L’Humanité pour mettre en place une campagne de souscriptions. Objectif : lancer son pure player le 21 janvier prochain.

A 11h30 ce mercredi 27 août, soit une demi-heure seulement après la très médiatique conférence de presse de rentrée de Radio France, Daniel Mermet tient la sienne propre à quelques… [Lire la suite sur Télérama]

An #Apple-Pandora Merger Would Be A ‘Scary Combination’ (Benzinga)

Before Apple officially acquired Beats Electronics, many analysts speculated about alternative mergers.

Spotify was one of the first companies that came up, followed by Pandora, Bose and others within the music business. Now that the Beats deal is over, further merger speculation has died down, but… [Read more on Benzinga]

Juniper: Spotify and Pandora under threat from Apple and Google in slow digital music sector (ITProPortal)

Digital music revenues are forecast to slow down over the coming five years due to the strength of the streaming model and the continued presence of piracy dogging the market.

Juniper Research figures showed that… [Read more on ITProPortal]

Local startup to launch videos on Web radio (Crain’s New York Business)

digital entertainment post vevo web radio

Vevo—a music-video website partly owned by Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Google Inc.—has partnered with a Portland-based startup to distribute content through online radio services, including Richard Branson’s Virgin Radio…

[Read more on Crain’s New York Business]

Apple se renforce dans la musique en ligne et les livres numériques (Les Echos)

Avec le rachat de la start-up BookLamp, Apple s’est renforcé dans le secteur des livres numériques – Denis ALLARD/REA

L’une de ces deux acquisitions vise à faire face à la montée en puissance de Pandora et Spotify qui grignotent des parts de marché à iTunes.

La longue liste des acquisitions d’Apple… [Lire la suite sur Les Echos]

Apple’s $30 million Swell acquisition could be big for iTunes Radio (BGR)

Stream dream: the future of #music streaming services revealed (TechRadar)

Streaming music is going to be better, faster, stronger than ever

The download is dithering, but is streaming music all it’s cracked up to be? Free or subscription-based services like Spotify, Deezer, Rdio and Pandora are all great, but they’re mostly either stuck on your… [Read more on TechRadar]

Tristan Jurgensen, RTL Net : « la radio n’échappe pas à la vague du numérique » (Le Nouvel Economiste)

Tristan Jurgensen, directeur général de RTLNet

Stratégie et vision de la mutation programmée de la première radio de France par le directeur général de sa filiale digitale

Du rouge ; encore du rouge. Evidemment. La couleur donne le ton. Vous êtes bien chez RTL. Ca tombe bien, c’est… [Lire la suite sur Le Nouvel Economiste]

Shazam se lie à Rdio pour écouter directement les titres détectés (Next INpact)

digital entertainment shazam

Shazam a repris contact avec nous pour nous apporter quelques précisions. L’entreprise nous indique ainsi que si la fonction de streaming intégrée est actuellement alimentée par Rdio uniquement, des « services additionnels seront ajoutés et annoncés au cours des prochaines semaines ». Comme nous l’indiquions à la fin de cette actualité, Spotify et Rdio ne seront pas… [Lire la suite sur Next INpact]

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