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Don’t Panic, but #Netflix Might Be Testing Weekend Surge Pricing (Cosmopolitan)

OK, fine, panic.

A report from The Australian claims Netflix is running a test on Australian customers to see if they’d pay up to 20 percent more for the service when they sign up on the weekends. The company wouldn’t call it surge-pricing but did acknowledge the price increases were part of a test.

During the test, prices for basic Netflix service increased from $8.99 to $9.99 a month. Standard service went from $11.99 to $13.99 and those who opted in for the premium… [Read more on Cosmopolitan]

La RTBF va produire une fiction sur #Snapchat (La Libre)

A nouvelle année, nouveau défi. Après les séries et les webséries, la RTBF parie plus que jamais sur son développement numérique et investit Snapchat, réseau social favori des 15-24 ans. Son objectif ? Y proposer dans les… [Lire la suite sur La Libre]

#Youtube lance Super Chat, le tchat pour soutenir les créateurs de contenu (Siècle Digital)

Norman, Cyprien, Le joueur du Grenier, ces créateurs de contenu connaissent de très bon succès financiers, ils pourront accroître leurs revenus grâce à une nouvelle fonctionnalité de Youtube : Super Chat.

Lors d’un livestreaming il est désormais possible d’acheter un Super Chat, c’est-à-dire que comme sur Twitch vous pouvez faire… [Lire la suite sur Siècle Digital]

Music-App Maker #Shazam Finally Turns a Profit—But Not From Music (WSJ)

After 15 years, music-discovery company Shazam Entertainment Ltd. finally is turning an operating profit—but not thanks to music.

Shazam, which counts hundreds of millions of active users and an app that is been downloaded 1 billion times, is earning most… [Read more on the Wall Street Journal]

Le jeu #PokémonGo indésirable dans l’enceinte des monuments et lieux de commémoration (


Un mois après son lancement, le jeu en réalité augmentée Pokémon Go est devenu un véritable phénomène de société. Si certains musées y voient l’opportunité de booster leurs chiffres de fréquentation, les lieux consacrés à la mémoire collective sont de plus en plus nombreux à interdire leur accès aux joueurs, à l’image de l’ossuaire de Douaumont.

Au début du mois d’août, Olivier Gérard, le directeur de l’ossuaire de Douaumont, monument à la mémoire des soldats de la bataille de Verdun de 1916 érigé dans la Meuse, « s’était interrogé sur la présence de nombreux visiteurs qui déambulaient sans quitter leur écran des yeux ». Ce comportement décrit par l’AFP, conséquence de l’engouement universel pour le jeu gratuit en réalité augmentée Pokémon Go, chacun a pu l’observer au moins une fois durant l’été… [Read more on LeJournalDesArts]

Spotify Puts Friday Releases on Your Radar With New Discovery Tool


A year ago, the music industry pushed through a change that saw new albums being released globally on Fridays (they were traditionally released on Monday in the U.S., a boon for record store owners who could expect an uptick in foot traffic that day in addition to their — relatively — busy weekends). The sheer volume of music coming out worldwide each Friday, and those records’ ubiquity in the streaming age, all but guarantees that casual, or even engaged, fans were fighting a losing battle in keeping current. To that end, Spotify has announced Release Radar, a new algorithmically generated, personalized playlist to help sieve and highlight new records.

Each Friday the service will generate a two-hour-long playlist comprised of new music from the artists fans follow, along with suggestions. (Call it unfortunate timing that Spotify has launched a promising feature on the same day Frank Ocean‘s ridiculously anticipated new record is expected to be… [Read more on billboard]

#Spotify’s incredibly addictive playlists are based on simple behavioral psychology (QUARTZ)


First there was Discover Weekly, the impressively well-tuned, self-refreshing mixtape of personalized song recommendations that captured the hearts of many and helped Spotify catapult itself to 37 million global subscribers.

 Now, Discover Weekly has a companion. Streaming behemoth Spotify has rolled out Release Radar, a second personalized weekly playlist, this one focused on spotlighting new tracks from users’ favorite artists. Release Radar is “the simplest way for you to find all the newly released music that matters the most to you, in one playlist,” the music streaming service announced in a press release. Like Discover Weekly, Release Radar will update once a week and also get better the more it’s used.
Release Radar and Discover Weekly aren’t just nifty, quirky features, though. They’re a core part of Spotify’s strategy to get listeners stuck on the platform for good. It’s a simple lesson in behavioral psychology.
The playlists offer a reward (exciting new music), but only for a limited period (one week), and …[Read more on QUARTZ]

Hulu is eliminating its free, ad-supported #streaming service (The Verge)

DEP1There is an odd game of musical chairs happening in the world of streaming television. Hulu, the service co-owned by many of the major broadcasters, announced that it will be eliminating its free tier, moving to a subscription-only model. At the same time, Yahoo announced a new streaming service, “Yahoo View,” which “features” Hulu, and will let viewers see the five most recent episodes of the big broadcast shows for free. So consumers will still have largely the same set of choices, just in different places, and paid for by a different … [Read more on The Verge]

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