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#Hulu could lose its biggest advantage over Netflix if Time Warner has its way (BGR)


If there’s one reason to subscribe to Hulu over Netflix, it’s the ability to watch the latest episode of a TV show just hours after it airs. Streaming current seasons of shows has been one of Hulu’s biggest draws from the outset, but as talks are… [Read more on BGR]

#Hulu Exec: ‘We Are Spending A Lot of Time on Virtual Reality’ (Variety)

Courtesy of Hulu
Courtesy of Hulu

Hulu is getting ready to unveil its first virtual reality (VR) efforts this spring, which will include apps for VR headsets as well as VR content. The goal is to experiment with the new medium, and eventually find the right mix to keep viewers hooked for hours, said… [Read more on Variety]

T-Mobile will give Verizon customers a year of #Hulu to switch (engadget)

Plus, half off in-store accessories.

T-Mobile announced a new phase of its Un-carrier Unwrapped holiday promotion on Thursday. The company already offered Sprint customers $200 to change carriers and tempted AT&T subscribers with… [Read more on engadget]

Fox Shows On #Hulu Will Offer Reduced, Only 30-Second-Long Ad Option (TechCrunch)

Hulu may have introduced a commercial free-tier to improve the user experience for those who can’t stand watching ads, but a new deal with Fox Networks has the potential to make the ad-supported version of Hulu less painful as well.

This week, Fox and Hulu announced a new type of ad format… [Read more on TechCrunch]

Just in time for Black Friday, #Hulu will debut a virtual reality app (Fortune)

The content provider will release its VR app in November.

Hulu, the popular video streaming service, plans to launch a virtual reality app in November to coincide with the… [Read more on Fortune]

Here’s how #Hulu is finally becoming a competitive streaming service (Fortune)

Hulu allows subscribers to watch television shows over the Web.
Hulu allows subscribers to watch television shows over the Web.

It may be late to the party with some features, but aggressive content acquisition and a new ad-free model make the service a formidable rival to Amazon and Netflix.

It seems crazy, but a little over a month ago Hulu still included ads, even its premium subscription option. With… [Read more on Fortune]

#Hulu-Viacom Deal Escalates SVOD Battle for TV Rights (Variety)

Even with all the hype surrounding their original series, Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, in order to attract subscribers, each rely on popular shows that first air on TV. And the war for exclusive rights to these binge-worthy properties has never been more pitched.

Over the last two weeks of September, the Big Three subscription VOD providers announced a string of… [Read more on Variety]

Netflix, #Hulu to Launch Virtual-Reality Apps (Variety)


Hulu to produce original VR content, starting with bonus short for ‘RocketJump: The Show’

Virtual reality has picked up major supporters in Netflix and Hulu, which have announced plans to launch new virtual-reality apps that will give users a 3D way to explore content.

In addition, Hulu said it will… [Read more on Variety]

Dream stream: A six-week search for the best place to watch #TVonline in 2015 (The Verge)

I finally gave up my cable subscription in 2007. By that time, the culture was already awash in stellar serial narratives, and I had begun to think of TV the way I thought of reading fiction — all I really needed to keep me happy was one good story at a time. Thanks to Netflix DVDs, I worked my way through Battlestar Galactica, The Office, and The Wire. Fast-forward to today, and the problem feels way more complicated. We’re drowning in good TV, renting DVDs has fallen out of fashion, and shows are… [Read more on The Verge]

Amazon, Hulu, Canal Play, OCS, Apple… Où en sont les néo-#Netflix ? (RTL)

Crédit : Josh Edelson / AFP | Tim Cook lors de la dernière keynote d’Apple

DÉCRYPTAGE – Face au succès de Netflix, devenu la référence en matière de vidéos à la demande et de production de programmes originaux, les multinationales et les acteurs traditionnels du marché de la télévision veulent tous leur plateforme de streaming par abonnement.

“La télévision linéaire va encore durer un peu grâce au sport, dont la fin n’est jamais écrite. Mais elle aura disparu dans 20 ans car tout cela sera disponible sur internet”. La prophétie de Reed… [Lire la suite sur RTL]

The Mindy Project, #Hulu, and Almost Appointment Viewing (AdWeek)

Tomorrow, The Mindy Project premieres on Hulu so your rom-com sitcom needs are taken care of for fall. Hulu will air new episodes on Tuesdays, so unlike other original content on other platforms, you won’t get to burn out on her by the weekend… [Read more on AdWeek]

#Hulu Starts a Commercial-Free Option to Rival Netflix and Amazon (The New York Times)

Hulu is expanding its original programming, including the next season of “The Mindy Project,” starring Mindy Kaling. Credit John P. Fleenor/FOX

Hulu announced on Wednesday that it was starting a commercial-free version of its streaming service, costing $12 a month, in its latest effort to enhance its offerings and become a stronger rival to Netflix and Amazon.

To date, Hulu has stood as the exception among… [Read more on The New York Times]


#Hulu reprend les films dont Netflix ne veut plus (Le Parisien)

La saga “Hunger Games” fait partie des films qui seront à partir du 1er octobre prochain disponible sur la plateforme Hulu. All Rights Reserved

Le service de séries et de films Netflix a annoncé qu’à partir du 1er octobre prochain, il retirerait de sa plateforme les films détenus par le réseau Epix. Son concurrent Hulu s’est porté acquéreur.

A la fin du… [Lire la suite sur Le Parisien]

#Hulu Pacts with Facebook’s LiveRail to Sell Ads Based on User Data (Variety)

Hulu’s ads are going “programmatic”: The Internet TV site is launching an invitation-only ad-buying marketplace powered by Facebook’s LiveRail, to let marketers target ads using data about who’s watching the video.

According to Hulu, the new programmatic system will result in… [Read more on Variety]

#Hulu Will Now Take the Non-Netflix Approach, Releasing New Original Content Weekly (No Film School)


Hulu wants people to have a chance to discuss their shows.

The online streaming service has decided that instead of releasing their new original content all at once as they have in the past, and as other major online streaming services have, each episode will stream… [Read more on No Film School]

#Hulu Might Be Introducing An Ad-free Option (Time)

The Apple Watch Is Now A #Hulu Remote Control (TechCrunch)

#Hulu’s Living Room Viewing On The Rise As PC Viewing Declines (TechCrunch)

#Hulu to Deliver Free TV Shows, Movies via Pluto TV Service (Variety)

Here’s Why Consumers Love #Netflix More Than Amazon and Hulu (AdWeek)

As Netflix, Hulu and Amazon vie for viewers, consumers have declared a victor, for now.
As Netflix, Hulu and Amazon vie for viewers, consumers have declared a victor, for now.

Clear branding is key

While Amazon and Hulu are trying to compete with Netflix, the reality is that Netflix is the clear victor in the battle of the streaming services. Nielsen notes that 36 percent of U.S. households subscribe to Netflix (more than 40 million U.S. subscribers in all), with Amazon Prime (13 percent) and Hulu Plus, now known simply as Hulu (6.5 percent), lagging behind.

But Netflix’s dominance over Amazon and Hulu has much more to do with just House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black. A new study… [Read more on AdWeek]

#Hulu Will Sell Showtime on the Web, Too — At a 20 Percent Discount (Re/Code)

'Ray Donovan' (Showtime)
Ray Donovan‘ (Showtime)

If you want a digital subscription to Showtime, you can buy one from Apple, Sony or Roku for $11 a month starting in July.

But if you pay for a subscription to Hulu’s premium service, you can also pick up a Showtime subscription from the video service — for $9 a month.

The 20 percent difference in the two plans, announced today, says a lot about… [Read more on Re/Code]

Tour #Hulu’s Version of Seinfeld Apartment (Time)

#Hulu Makes Name Change Official, Ditches the Plus (Variety)

#Hulu Is Creating ‘Seinfeld’ Real-World NYC Apartment (Variety)

#Hulu Executive Explains Decision to Pull 19 Kids & Counting (Time)

How easy is it to cancel #Netflix, HBO Now, Amazon Instant Video, and Hulu? (Quartz)

AT&T Will Begin Offering #Hulu To Its Customers Later This Year (TechCrunch)

‘The Mindy Project’ Cancelled at Fox: May Move to #Hulu for New Seasons (Variety)

Is #Hulu Ready to Take on Netflix and Amazon? (AdWeek)

In the past six months, Hulu has made some major content announcements

The streaming pioneer adds star power to juice up its lineup

When Hulu launched in 2008, the ad-supported streaming service wasn’t a big priority for owners Fox, Disney and NBC. “It was like, if the ship is going to blow, at least we have an escape pod, but we don’t want to equip this escape pod so well that everyone would prefer it to being on the ship with us,” Forrester analyst James McQuivey put it.

While Hulu attracts… [Read more on AdWeek]

Why has #Hulu posed little threat to Netflix? New report blames a predictable culprit (BGR)

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