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#Netflix and Amazon Offer Indie Filmmakers Hope (And Lots of Money) (Wired)

The Egyptian Theater marquee during the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. Bryan Steffy/Getty Images

The biggest players at the Sundance Film Festival are Hollywood outsiders. Amazon and Netflix, with their deep pockets and big ambitions, have picked up several films and… [Read more on Wired]

#Amazon rumored to be building a ‘Spotify killer’ (Mashable)

Amazon has eaten away at the publishing industry, upended retail giants and begun to change the world of supply and fulfillment.

Now it may want to do the same to the young, highly competitive and potentially lucrative music streaming industry.

The e-commerce behemoth is said to… [Read more on Mashable]

Télévision : #Amazon se lance dans les bouquets de chaînes (Les Echos)

Showtime diffuse notamment Homeland, avec Claire Danes. – Showtime Networks Inc

Amazon Prime va proposer la célèbre chaîne « Showtime ».

Décidément, rester à sa place n’est pas quelque chose d’inscrit dans les gênes des acteurs du marché de la télé. Alors que les opérateurs de télécoms et de câbles achètent de plus en plus de contenus, que certains leaders de la télé payante (Sky) proposent de l’accès à Internet, ou même que les chaînes comme HBO… [Lire la suite sur Les Echos]

#Amazon prépare sa riposte à l’Apple TV (FrenchWeb)

Le petit écran est bousculé par les acteurs du Web, et Amazon veut être de la partie. La firme de Seattle réfléchit à faire évoluer son offre Prime Instant Video, rapporte Bloomberg. L’idée est de proposer aux clients de… [Lire la suite sur Frenchweb]

#Amazon Said to Weigh Creating a Online Pay-TV Service (Bloomberg)

digital entertainment marketing - amazon hbo Inc. is exploring the creation of an online pay-TV service to complement its existing video offerings and has reached out to major media companies including CBS Corp. and Comcast Corp.’s NBCUniversal about carrying their channels, according to people familiar with the matter.

Amazon’s deliberations are preliminary, said… [Read more on Bloomberg]

Dream stream: A six-week search for the best place to watch #TVonline in 2015 (The Verge)

I finally gave up my cable subscription in 2007. By that time, the culture was already awash in stellar serial narratives, and I had begun to think of TV the way I thought of reading fiction — all I really needed to keep me happy was one good story at a time. Thanks to Netflix DVDs, I worked my way through Battlestar Galactica, The Office, and The Wire. Fast-forward to today, and the problem feels way more complicated. We’re drowning in good TV, renting DVDs has fallen out of fashion, and shows are… [Read more on The Verge]

Amazon, Hulu, Canal Play, OCS, Apple… Où en sont les néo-#Netflix ? (RTL)

Crédit : Josh Edelson / AFP | Tim Cook lors de la dernière keynote d’Apple

DÉCRYPTAGE – Face au succès de Netflix, devenu la référence en matière de vidéos à la demande et de production de programmes originaux, les multinationales et les acteurs traditionnels du marché de la télévision veulent tous leur plateforme de streaming par abonnement.

“La télévision linéaire va encore durer un peu grâce au sport, dont la fin n’est jamais écrite. Mais elle aura disparu dans 20 ans car tout cela sera disponible sur internet”. La prophétie de Reed… [Lire la suite sur RTL]

#Amazon Prime Video now does what Netflix won’t: offline playback (The Verge)


Android and iOS users, rejoice

Amazon has been making real strides in its attempt to catch up to Netflix, and today the company is delivering a feature that arguably leapfrogs its streaming competitor in sheer utility: offline playback for both iOS and Android devices. An update to the company’s mobile video apps for each platform — now renamed “Amazon Video” — lets… [Read more on The Verge]

Offline Viewing of Video From #Amazon Prime Streaming (The New York Times)

digital entertainment marketing Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon said it would allow members of its $99 annual Prime loyalty program free downloads of some shows and movies from its streaming video service to watch offline, or when no Internet connection is available. The programs will be… [Read more on The New York Times]

#Amazon Prime steps up to battle Netflix in Japan (C|Net)

Amazon Prime is set to offer video streaming in Japan.
Amazon Prime is set to offer video streaming in Japan.

Amazon has announced it will bring video streaming to Amazon Prime customers in Japan, just days after Netflix announced it was partnering with a local telecommunications provider in the country.

The global battle between Amazon and Netflix is growing with the announcement that Amazon is set to launch its video streaming service in… [Read more on C[Net]

#Netflix et Amazon relancent la guerre des contenus (Les Echos)

Amazon mise beaucoup en cette rentrée sur sa nouvelle série originale « Hand of God », qui sera mise en ligne le 4 septembre et dont la réalisation a été confiée à Marc Forster. – Photo Karen Ballard/Amazon

Les deux plates-formes vidéo investissent des milliards pour leurs programmes.

Après les séries, le cinéma figure désormais sur leur agenda en cette rentrée.

La guerre des contenus repart de plus belle. Engagées depuis plusieurs années dans une lutte de légitimité et d’attrait du… [Lire la suite sur Les Echos]

#Amazon Execs Talk Woody Allen, ‘Top Gear’ Trio and Why They Didn’t Save ‘Hannibal’ (Variety)

#Amazon Studios Acquires ‘Elvis & Nixon’ Starring Kevin Spacey (Variety)

Here’s Why Consumers Love #Netflix More Than Amazon and Hulu (AdWeek)

As Netflix, Hulu and Amazon vie for viewers, consumers have declared a victor, for now.
As Netflix, Hulu and Amazon vie for viewers, consumers have declared a victor, for now.

Clear branding is key

While Amazon and Hulu are trying to compete with Netflix, the reality is that Netflix is the clear victor in the battle of the streaming services. Nielsen notes that 36 percent of U.S. households subscribe to Netflix (more than 40 million U.S. subscribers in all), with Amazon Prime (13 percent) and Hulu Plus, now known simply as Hulu (6.5 percent), lagging behind.

But Netflix’s dominance over Amazon and Hulu has much more to do with just House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black. A new study… [Read more on AdWeek]

‘Catastrophe’ Makes Its American Debut on #Facebook, Not Amazon Prime (AdWeek)

Catch the first episode of Catastrophe on Facebook tonight, and Season 1 on Amazon Prime on Friday. Amazon Studios
Catch the first episode of Catastrophe on Facebook tonight, and Season 1 on Amazon Prime on Friday. Amazon Studios

U.K. pilot available 48 hours starting tonight

British comedy Catastrophe will make its American debut this evening on Facebook.

While the first season will be available Friday on Amazon Prime, the 24-minute debut episode hits Facebook at 7 p.m. ET today and will be available for 48 hours. The “virtual screening party” is also expected to include engagement with the series’ stars and writers, Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan. The episode will include the hashtag bug #CatastropheTV.

Delaney stars as a Boston ad executive, and Horgan plays a… [Read more on AdWeek]

How easy is it to cancel #Netflix, HBO Now, Amazon Instant Video, and Hulu? (Quartz)

Jean-Pierre Jeunet tourne une série pour #Amazon (Les Echos)

Le cinéaste français Jean-Pierre Jeunet tourne actuellement le premier épisode d’une série sur Casanova pour le magasin en ligne Amazon , avec l’acteur mexicain… [Lire la suite sur Les Echos]

#HBO Now is go – but is it better than Netflix and Hulu? (The Guardian)

Kit Harington, from left, Liam Cunningham and Stephen Dillane in Game Of Thrones. The new season can be viewed on HBO Now this Sunday. Photograph: Helen Sloan/AP

Between HBO, Netflix, Amazon and Hulu there are plenty of choices for those who want their TV fix without getting a cable package

Finally the day we’ve been dreaming about is here: it is now possible for American fans of Game of Thrones to watch gory beheadings and blood-soaked weddings without having to... [Read more on The Guardian]

#Netflix, Amazon and Hulu No Longer Find Themselves Upstarts in Online Streaming (The New York Times)

Netflix has ramped up original production, with plans for 320 hours of new and returning series in 2015, including “Bloodline,” starring Kyle Chandler. Credit Saeed Adyani/Netflix

Netflix, Amazon and Hulu have suddenly found themselves playing a new role: the establishment.

After years of waging an assault on the traditional television business, these companies now must… [Read more on The New York Times]

‘#Seinfeld’ Isn’t worth $90 Million to Amazon, Hulu or Yahoo (Forbes)



Last Friday, The Wall Street Journal revealed a bidding war to be currently underway for the exclusive streaming rights of Seinfeld among SVOD giants Amazon, Hulu and Yahoo. According to the report,… [Read more on Forbes]

#Amazon confirme cinq nouvelles séries pour son service de VOD (L’Obs)

“The Man in the High Castle” sera diffusé sur la plate-forme VOD d’Amazon, Amazon Studios

(Relaxnews) – Le géant américain annonce, mercredi 18 février, avoir obtenu le feu vert pour la diffusion de cinq nouvelle séries sur sa plate-forme de vidéos à la demande Prime Instant Video.

(Relaxnews) – Le géant américain annonce, mercredi 18 février, avoir obtenu le feu vert pour… [Lire la suite sur L’Obs]

#Amazon se lance dans la production de films (Clubic)

digital entertainment post marketing amazon studios

Après s’être lancé dans la production de séries, le commerçant Amazon vient d’annoncer sa volonté de produire et distribuer une douzaine de films par an. Des ambitions dont l’impact devrait varier à travers le monde.

Amazon continue d’étoffer sa fibre créatrice… et, de fil en aiguille, forcément commerciale. Après s’être lancé dans la production de séries avec Amazon StudiosTransparent, Mozart in the Jungle, Alpha House… – le cybermarchand vient d’annoncer Amazon Original Movies. Objectif de cette… [Lire la suite sur Clubic]

#Transparent brouille les limites entre internet et la télévision (Canoe)

Jeffrey Tambor a remporté le Golden Globes du meilleur acteur dans une comédie. Photo Wenn

Le triomphe aux Golden Globes de la série Transparent, produite par le géant du commerce en ligne Amazon, illustre la disparition de la frontière entre télévision et internet.

«La télévision et internet deviennent une seule et même chose et, d’ici quelques années,… [Lire la suite sur Canoe]

#Amazon veut concurrencer Netflix (Les Echos)

Amazon pourrait lancer un nouveau service gratuit de vidéo à la demande en 2015 – AFP/Joe Klamar

Amazon pourrait déployer en 2015 un service gratuit de vidéo à la demande, entièrement ou partiellement financé par la publicité.

Le géant américain du commerce en ligne, Amazon, voudrait se positionner en alternative à… [Lire la suite sur Les Echos]

Nielsen will finally start tracking #Netflix and Amazon video (Engadget)

Nielsen, the holy vanguard of television ratings, has finally figured out how to track viewership from Netflix and Amazon‘s streaming video services. And when it launches next month, it could fundamentally change the sorts of shows you see from them. Since neither… [Read more on Engadget]

#Netflix Still Dominates Streaming, but Amazon Is Picking Up Steam (Re/Code)

Transparent (Amazon Studios)

Netflix is still king of the video streamers, followed by YouTube. But Amazon, which has lagged far behind for many years, is beginning to make a move.

That’s the takeaway from… [Read more on Re/Code]

Take that, Netflix: #Amazon says Prime grants free 4K streaming (C|Net)

Amazon's original series "Alpha House" will be available via 4K streaming  • Amazon
Amazon’s original series “Alpha House” will be available via 4K streaming

In response to Netflix raising its price for customers who want 4K streaming, Amazon says its 4K video streams won’t cost Prime subscribers an extra dime.

Begun, the 4K streaming price war has.

Today Amazon said users who subscribe to its $99 per year Prime program won’t have to pay extra to get 4K versions of its video streams.

“We want to be the best entertainment destination for customers. We’re confident that offering… [Read more on C|Net]

Rupert #Murdoch urges media firms to unite to fight Amazon and Netflix (The Guardian)

Rupert Murdoch speaks at the WSJD Live conference in Laguna Beach. Photograph: Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

21st Century Fox chairman says industry is ‘on the same page’ about need to come up with serious competitor to streaming video giants

The media industry needs its own competitor to online streaming giants Amazon and Netflix, Rupert Murdoch told a technology conference on Wednesday.

“As an industry, we need a competitor – a serious competitor – to… [Read more on The Guardian]

‘Alpha House’ Creator Garry Trudeau: #Amazon Wants to Rival HBO Originals (Variety)

#Amazon takes on Chromecast with Fire TV Stick (C|Net)

digital entertainment post amazon fire stick

The $39 device will let users stream a wide range of content, including Netflix, Prime Instant Video, and Hulu Plus.

It’s smaller than a crowbar, but Amazon surely wants its new streaming stick to pry users away from Google’s Chromecast.

Dubbed the Fire TV Stick, the streaming-media device connects to an HDMI port on the back on an HDTV and streams from sources including Netflix to Hulu Plus to, of course, Amazon’s own Prime Instant Video. Owners will also… [Read more on C|Net]

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