First there was Discover Weekly, the impressively well-tuned, self-refreshing mixtape of personalized song recommendations that captured the hearts of many and helped Spotify catapult itself to 37 million global subscribers.

 Now, Discover Weekly has a companion. Streaming behemoth Spotify has rolled out Release Radar, a second personalized weekly playlist, this one focused on spotlighting new tracks from users’ favorite artists. Release Radar is “the simplest way for you to find all the newly released music that matters the most to you, in one playlist,” the music streaming service announced in a press release. Like Discover Weekly, Release Radar will update once a week and also get better the more it’s used.
Release Radar and Discover Weekly aren’t just nifty, quirky features, though. They’re a core part of Spotify’s strategy to get listeners stuck on the platform for good. It’s a simple lesson in behavioral psychology.
The playlists offer a reward (exciting new music), but only for a limited period (one week), and …[Read more on QUARTZ]